Reason For The Growth Of Informal Economies

In this essay I will endeavour to provide reasons for the phenomenal growth of the informal economy. Firstly, I will provide a brief definition of informal and formal economies. I will also discuss the inequalities and instability of the formal economy environment.Focusing on the manoeuvres which manufacturers and individuals use within the informal economy to […]

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Reason and Emotion

Each person has its own reason to any decision or action done. Also one can have different emotions at a different time of life. Like me, I can even discuss three reason of the three different decision I made and three different emotions to a certain issues or situation I encounter in my life. Those […]

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Reason as a Way of Knowing

There can be many paths to the acquisition of knowledge but chief among them is the use of reason. This assertion is supported by some of the most brilliant thinker in the history of mankind. Yet this notion is not without its difficulties. This study will discuss not only the strengths of using reason to […]

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Why People Should Read for Pleasure

In the past years the use of the television and the internet has increased; this situation has caused many people to change their likes and the way that they enjoy their free time. Because of television and the internet, many people spend less time reading, so the purpose for this essay is to present reasons […]

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Theory Of Knowledge

To answer this question, one first has to consider that knowledge as such varies on the point of perspective, since there are many ways of knowing. As for example Reasoning and Sense Perception. Reasoning is something we use whenever we tend to make a decision, therefore the interpretation of the word “Reason” can vary in […]

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Al Gores `The Assault on Reason`

Al Gore fully expressed his intention in upholding the use of reason of logic in his book “The Assault on Reason.” In this book, he explicitly worked in stressing the importance of employing reason and logic in dealing with local and international concerns rather than being clouded by over compliance to faith and fear.

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Taking More Than 18 Credits at a University: Reasons and Implications

Being allowed to take more than 18 credits at a university is definitely of importance to me for several reasons. If allowed to take a class overload, I will be able to maximize my time for learning.

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