The Importance of Reality Television

Reality television has become increasingly popular with the advent of technology, more so in the past decade. The television was first invented by John Logic Baird, a Scottish scientist, in 1926. Customarily, people watch television shows and programs in order to garner new knowledge and information on matters such as entertainment, news, celebrations and particular […]

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Talk Shows

Talk shows remain one of the most popular and influential forms of television programming. Trisha has been one of the longest running talk shows left on British TV. For this reason its analysis should highlight why the talk show genre is so popular and how it attracts its audience. Right from the outset Trisha uses […]

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The Housewives – Reality TV Show

The Real Housewives of Miami features some of the most sizzling cities most prominent socialites. It stars Alexia Echevarria, the executive director of Venue magazine, former Texas native and prominent community activist Lea Black, Public Relations exec Marysol Patton, and Brazilian art curator Adriana De Moura-Sidi. Rounding out the group is Larsa Pippen, wife of […]

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The Young Audience and Real Housewives of Orange Country

In its recent years, the reality television segment in media has taken the global airwaves by storm. The dynamic of real life drama-and the ability of media to capture human emotion with cinematic transition have indeed heightened the sense of reality entertainment into a whole new media receptiveness. With the emergence of the Coto de […]

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Reality Show

Reality television is a relatively new fad in America that is sweeping the networks’ ratings and redefining programming altogether. Reality television is a genre of television programming that presents unscripted dramatic, entertaining or humorous situations, documents real events, and usually features people chosen from the ranks of ordinary people and not professionally trained actors. A […]

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The Popularity of Reality Shows Among Young People

In the modern society the mass media has an enormous effect and therefore impact on various aspects of private and public life. The media (especially television) has become an important type of leisurely activity and entertainment in our lives. Television heroes stormed into our lives like new best friends. We talk about them all the […]

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Why Are Reality TV Shows so Popular

At almost any given moment during the day, you can turn on your television and find a reality TV show on somewhere. Why are reality TV shows so big today? There are a couple of reasons. First, fame and fortune are very appealing features. They can lure everyday people out of their boring lives with […]

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The spoken language of Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay

Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay, two very famous TV chefs, have completely different ways of presenting themselves verbally. Ramsay is well known for his fiery temper and for being extremely offensive at times by using blasphemy. Nigella Lawson is renowned for her flirtatious manner of transcripts. Gordon Ramsay has often been criticised for his use […]

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