Reading history

My Reading History If one were to look at my varied reading habits, they would be struck by the diversity and over all unusualness of my minds library. I hardly remember the plot of the first book I read, but it was called Lonesome Dove. It wasnt the actual first book I read, but I […]

Reading Research Literature

This paper will evidently answer the set of questions pertaining to the two studies about cancerous patients and their respective diseases; the studies attempt to come up with better treatment strategies of the global epidemic. Various infected and affected parties were engaged to shed some light on the studies. Information was induced and deduced in […]

Critical Reading Mother Tongue

Introduction The two essays, “Mother Tongue” and “A Hanging” are the works that have been written by renowned writers in the world of writing. Usually writers narrate about their experiences, and George Orwell and Amy Tan also wrote about their experiences. The two essays are well written, and they contain particular remarkable aspects that made […]

Grouping Practices in the Elementary Reading Classroom

Reading instruction has a long history of being one of the most highly debated topics in education. American teachers have been criticized for not producing effective readers. Teachers recognize the need to differentiate reading instruction and provide a balanced literacy program. In an effort to meet the needs of all students, teachers use a variety […]

Bottom-Up Theories of the Reading Process

Bottom-up theories hypothesize that learning to read progresses from children learning the parts of language (letters) to understanding whole text (meaning). Much like solving a jigsaw puzzle, bottom-up models of the reading process say that the reading puzzle is solved by beginning with an examination of each piece of the puzzle and then putting pieces […]

Vocabulary Parent Letter

Vocabulary words and knowledge are critical in reading comprehension and vitally important that new and young readers develop a large ‘word bank’ and effective vocabulary learning strategies. That being said, we will have an emphasis on vocabulary words in our classroom this year. There are several effective vocabulary learning strategies that we will be using […]

Assessing Reading Skills Using Accelerated Reader Program

Developed in 1984 by American teacher Judi Paul, the Accelerated Reader has been adopted in thousands of schools in the US as well as Europe (Renaissance Learning UK, 2007). Its implementation in the US serves part of schools’ response to the No Child Left Behind Policy which seeks to increase students’ learning outcomes through standardization. […]

Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review

People tend to spend almost half of their lives in school. From being a toddler to being an adult, people are subjected to attend an academic institution in order to learn which would equipped them with the necessary information and training needed in order to subsist in the modern world. More so, because society has […]

Moody’s & Manguel’s Passion for Reading

Reading is a powerful tool that assists people in understanding the daily activities one is involved in. It is the catalyst for learning functions such as math, science, art, music, etc. When one develops consistent reading habits, his/her communication skills improve. Reading allows one to acquire knowledge and expand on his/her knowledge. With good communication […]

Value of Shared Reading

Working with children is a fulfilling job especially for people who love being surrounded by young people. However, teachers who handle young children are highly responsible for the development of the child. A teacher is not paid to have fun with kids. He needs to ask questions about the best way for young people to […]

Reading – College Essay

There has been a big controversy among different group of people all around the world on this issue that, it is important to students to read about something happened really rather than reading novels. It is generally believed that due to modern advanced technology all around the world students have been seeking to discover real […]

Reading Disorders

Reading is one of the important skills that a person should learn. It plays an important role in the life of a person. It affects the learning ability, comprehension, social, interpersonal and personal activities of a person. It also plays a vital role in the success of a person. Independence from other people on certain […]

Repeated Reading

Repeated reading can be defined as a strategy in which fluency is built. A meaningful paragraph is re-read several times to increase the reading fluency. Typical format of repeated reading involves the setting of a fluency criterion and selection of a meaningful and short passage of text. In this method, students are supposed to read […]

Muscle Reading

Reading is a task that causes many people to daydream, doze off, or get distracted while doing so, especially if the subject does not interest them. A technique called Muscle Reading, has been created to help increase concentration while helping to avoid daydreams and reduce the amount of road-blocks while reading. This strategy includes Three […]

No longer just a hope: Children with disabilities can be successful readers

The article “No longer just a hope: Children with disabilities can be successful readers” written by Laura J. Colker is an article that gives evidence to the fact that children who are found to have disabilities still can gain the right skills and knowledge to become successful readers. The importance of reading in our everyday […]

Reading Revisited

Reading selections by such authors as Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X and Audre Lorde has caused me to re-examine myself as a student, reader, and writer. These authors have demonstrated such qualities as discipline, autonomy, and initiative in their attitudes toward reading and expression. They have addressed issues that have had the effect of restricting or […]

Dyslexia – College Essay

Dyslexia, most commonly known as reading disability is a type of learning disability in public schools. The word dyslexia comes from the Greek words dys and lexis. The term dys means abnormal while the other term lexis is equated to language or words. Logsdon defined dyslexia as a neurological language processing disorder influences written and […]

Sacramental Life and Experience readings

Our readings have significantly contributed to my grasp, understanding and appreciation of the purpose and meaning of the sacraments in Roman Catholic Christianity. I now see differently what used to be plain ceremonies and traditional rites that held no meaning for me. The sacraments have been called “channels of God’s grace” by John Wesley. (Alister […]

Rhetorical Reading Response

Jonathan Kozol’s essay on The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society (1985) claims that based on the beliefs of Socrates and James Madison, illiteracy is a moral dilemma. Kozol supports this claim by speculating what a number of tragic outcomes could be as a result of illiteracy. His purpose is to show how a person’s […]

Reading – College Essay

Reading is a basic skill that every person should learn and master, reading in one’s native language is easily achieved since the language has already been learned. What constitutes the bulk of reading research is the learning and proficiency of foreign language learners of English. Although English is not the largest spoken language, it is […]

Benefits of Reading

Reading is probably one of the most beneficial and feasible activities that a man can do. It is through reading that a person is going to be able to discover new ideas, concepts, places, and people. Some people even describe reading as a journey that starts as the opening of a page, and finishes as […]

Anna and the French Kiss

Hi there, this is my first book review. I think I’ll be doing a lot more because I like reading, I like writing and I adore public speaking and this combines the three. I look forward to hearing your responses. I just read this wonderful story, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. The […]

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