Technological Rationality

Technological rationality is the dehumanization of the masses and the individuals through capitalist systems. The dehumanization is performed through regimentation or standardization of all aspects of life. The instance of technology gradually makes life predictable, uniform and routine. Such system ultimately results in a society, in which there is uniformity in social behavior and life. […]

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Concept of Rapid, Volatile, Discontinuous Change and Its Impact on the Strategic Management of Organisations

A driver refueled the wrong gas causing 8000 dollars fixed car in a food supply company. The company manager decided to reduce other part-time store assistants working hours for this loss rather than punished this driver. He used to own a small scale business which has been made acquisition. Indeed, He wins his reputation as […]

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Irrationality of Rationality

Theory of rationality of humans originated from the economics field of our society. Adam Smith, eighteenth century economist, is credited as been the first scholar to introduce the notion of rationality of human beings in economic behavior. This was explained in his writing “wealth of nations”, which was published in 1776. Adam was of the […]

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