The Ramayana

The ancient epic Ramayana reflects the golden period in the history of India, some 500BC ago. The message, the theme and the intricacy of the subject is as relevant today as it was then. It addresses a very complex social structure, the strings of morality and the psyche of the collective society in a very […]

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Ramayana, the epic story depicting the life of Rama, prince of Ayodhya is a sacred religious text in Hindu culture. Although there are many versions of Ramayana, the original and the oldest one was written by Valmiki. The protagonist of the story, Rama leads a virtuous life and his wife, Sita stands beside him in […]

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Rama Word

Rama, as depicted in the Ramayana, truly stands as the archetypal figure of how an individual of the Hindu faith should act throughout their lives. Although there are certainly instances in which Rama behaves in ways that could be considered morally questionable, they fail to utterly detract from his primary symbolism as a character. In […]

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