The Impact of the Railway on Stoke Bruerne Supported

In source B it suggests that the Railway has had an adverse effect on the village. The author of the passage is looking for a fowl to eat. It seems to John Hollingshead as “one small cottage street” and a “village that does not covet patronage of strangers”. This suggests that it is not very […]

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Describe the condition of Britain’s railways and suggest

They have been likened to the third world. Millions have ridiculed them. Yet the government still fails to recognise a way in which it can improve them. They are Britain’s railways. In the 21st century one would expect that such a simple and mature system should be operating almost perfectly without delays and cancellations. But […]

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A Scene at the Railway Station

Railway Station is that place from where trains go and come. India has the largest network of railway stations spread through the length and breadth of the country. Most of the big towns and cities are linked with each other and quite a few villages that fall in the way of the rail tracks are […]

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A Railway Station

Rabindranath has said in one of his later poems that the railway icon show that this our world is the handiwork of a painter, not that of a blacksmith or artisan. A railway station is one of the features of modern civilisation. Here passengers as well as goods and luggages are booked. Every railway station […]

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