Use of math in auto racing

Mathematics is found everywhere in life and work and auto racing is no exception. There are many applications of math in racing. The purpose of racing is to win and in order to do that there must be a lot of math involved. If you dont use math and use it correctly then you will […]

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Street Racing

Racing is not a bad thing. It’s an exciting sport that requires training, discipline and skill. But the streets are no place for racing. Unfortunately, any young person can get into a car and drive. No experience, no talent, no discipline. All of this while innocent drivers use the streets for their day to day […]

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Boy Racers Problem

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom. It’s an alarming sound. We’ve all heard them. We’ve all heard them. We’ve choked on the acrid smoke from burnouts. We have had to dodge smashed bottles on the road. Many of us have to pick up piles of rubbish from the road side, depending on where we live. Who are these […]

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The Experience of a Lifetime

I entered this Racing event as a Newbie and apart from seeing the 1980’s film starring Burt Reynolds and Roger Moore, I had no idea what to expect. Besides from knowing that The celebrities at the Cannonball Run Africa 2012 were entirely of the vehicular kind and of the 43 cars entered, one Audi RS6 […]

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