Quality Management in Aviation Training

Abstract This paper addresses the use of total quality management principles in the evaluation of aviation training outcomes. The paradigm shift to quality management in aviation training is explored in four areas: quality management implementation, quality management tools for training managers, quality management strategies for training, and the quality training culture. Together, the four areas […]

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Air Quality: Fossil Fuels as

Compared to Alternative Fuels INTRODUCTION We all breathe the same air, yet we all think differently about the way the air should be dealt with and how it should be conserved and used. Many people believe that the air is a natural resource that should be kept very sacred. However, many people also believe that […]

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Customer Satisfaction and Quality Care

The quality of services offered in healthcare facilities always determines customers’ contentment. In fact, the basis of any organization’s operations and the key to its success lie in the high level of its customers’ satisfaction. According to Hernon, Nitecki, & Altman (1999), service quality is the customers’ perception of how well a service meets or […]

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Effects of Quality Management on Domestic Competition

Southwest Airlines, an American Airline whose headquarters are in Dallas, offers domestic flight services and has been operational since 1971 prior to which it was operating as Air Southwest Co. With over five hundred fleet, the destinations of the Southwest Airlines flights cover approximately seventy U.S. states. According to the number of domestic passengers it […]

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Control Systems and Quality Management

Introduction CISCO Systems is a multinational company with many outlets around the world. The company is a current employer to over 65 thousand people. I worked for the company for a number of months and was able to learn several things especially with quality management and control systems. Such practices have made the Company become […]

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What is the role of Quality within Organisations today

“Good business, which in turn means general prosperity and employment, is not something which comes about by chance. It is a result of the skill with which business in general is managed – and business in general is only the sum of the activities of the business units. Through all the years that I have […]

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Service Quality

Tourist’s attraction Service Offering(s) attraction 2. Educational experience for public 3. Interactive activities for the public 4. Private functions 2. Educational experience for public 3. Private functions 2. Entertainment experience for public 3. Private functions Singapore Flyer Key Service Offering(s) 1 . Tourist and public entertainment experience 2. Private functions Night Safari 1. Tourist’s attraction […]

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What Does a Marker Look for in a High Quality

In an academic essay ‘[one is] required to think clearly and critically, use valid evidence and produce well-structured and coherent pieces of writing. ‘ (Gasper & Sheppard, 2011, peg) But what does a marker look for in a high quality assignment? Burdens (2007) answers this question giving three main areas to consider; the content of […]

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Nursing is an ever growing and diverse field that encompasses a variety of fields. In order to stay abreast of new technology, practices and protocols research is a necessary and integral part of nursing. Research requires nurses to gather data, analyze data and formulate a conclusion. Beginning with a null hypothesis Is where most research […]

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Best and Worst Quality

My best and worst quality is my excessive curiosity, especially when it comes to space travel and programs related to it. This quality sometimes gets me into trouble because I will drop any activity I am doing to find answers to satisfy my curiosity. This quality has a good side; with curiosity I also expand […]

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