Usability and Accessibility of Public Transport for the Elderly

Introduction The availability of transport is a major determinant of mobility and motility of people and goods from one place to another. The mode of transport being used must guarantee safety of all the passengers especially those who have special needs and the disadvantaged such as the elderly. Safety of the transportation means to the […]

Public transportation

Public transportation presents itself as a solution to many problems that exist in the urban centers of the world. Within these densely populated areas, high levels of air pollution can be found to exist. In addition to this, traffic congestion problems usually exist to a very high degree. People tend to enjoy driving in their […]

An Ordeal for Women: on the Delhi Metro

If you visit Delhi after a spell away from it, there are several things that strike you. First, the number of buses – green buses running at regular intervals. Then, the bus stops. Well-lit, with bus numbers clearly written on them. Then, the pavements, at least in South Delhi, that have suddenly become walkable. And […]

Improving School Attendance

There are many reasons that a student might miss school. Two reasons that often keep a student from attending are transportation and finances. Unfortunately, without a proper education, it is unlikely that either of those factors would improve. However, there are ways to get around not having adequate transportation and even not having enough money. […]

Benefits of environment influence on business

This paper outlines the benefits of environment influence on business. The paper specifically discusses about the FirstGroup Plc and environment influence of PESTEL analysis. what is the impact on the business of the stakeholder such as, Governments, customers and communities. The paper concludes the FirstGroup Plc strategy to overcome the demand of the customers risen […]

Public Transport

These days,more and more people are using their own cars to commute. The high levels ofpollution found in the air may have something to do with the increasing numberof vehicles in our cities. When faced with taking private cars or publictransport people react in different ways. I will discuss for and againstarguments about using either […]

Rant About Public Transport in London

Don’t get me started on … public transport in London! If you use the public transport in London without even thinking about the state of the trains, buses or boats the delays and the really bad service you get for the high price you pay you should go and get some help. First of all […]

Public Transportation

Public transportation has been around since stagecoach was invented and one of the earliest modes of public transport are ferries or commonly know as water transports. Ferries have been known through Greek mythology, when someone passed away they were buried with a coin place on their eyes or underneath their tongue, in order to pay […]

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