Public Relations

PR is an influencing power. Any successful PR program has to create awareness and a sense of objective endorsement of services, products, people, and contributions. A good PR campaign leads to name recognition and enhancing goodwill that cannot always be achieved through traditional advertising. The experts in public relations have good communicative skills as they […]

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How Industry Uses Public Relations

Effective Public Relations has made it possible for McDonalds to emerge as one of the largest fast food service restaurants and one of the most profitable in the world. Public Relations is meant to make a company’s products or services sell more. McDonalds uses a two way asymmetric model because it wants to create a […]

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Public Relations is Nothing But Spin

“Public relations is nothing but spin?” this document has set out to examine what Public Relations really is, its uses and common arenas, as well as what ‘Spin’ means and the manner in which it is used today in Public Relations by companies and politicians and governments. We endeavour to give definitions of both as […]

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Labour Relations – Public Sector Labour Relations Canada

I have chosen to examine the right to strike in the public sector. As noted in our Labour Relations text, “in some provinces, teachers are not allowed to strike. The question of whether teachers should be allowed to strike has been an election issue in some provinces. Supporters of a ban on teacher strikes contend […]

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Statement of Pupose

Born and brought up in Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra, I am Ekta Patel, the 22-year-old woman of modern India brimming with its inherent ambition and passion to grow while breaking new boundaries for myself. It’s not easy to introspecting about oneself but the earliest I could recall, I see myself on […]

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Public Relations and Crisis Plans

Johanna Lockhart (2005) suggests that the principles of marketing should apply not only to strictly business and/or profit-oriented enterprises, but to educational institutions as well. On account of such a contention, Lockhart is of the firm opinion that all learning institutions, one way or another, need to come up with well-thought out plans to let […]

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RACE Model (Research, Action Planning, Communication, Evaluation)

Most public relations researchers contend that the importance of the role of public relations is increasing within organizations. Many public relations scholars insist that public relations managers must provide strategic counsel, take part in strategy formulation, and are able to implement strategies. There are four types of managers and strategies in the typical multi-business organization. […]

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Reputation Management

Reputation is a logical and rational process as opposed to the connection to a brand and its image, which is largely emotional. It is a concept that exists around is influenced by action and what companies do, not what they say. It is ever changing and requires constant management. PR is all about communication and […]

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Defining Public Relations

Effective relations between an organization and its publics are one of the keys to business success. Given the fact that today’s society is now completely flooded with both electronic and traditional communications, the practice of public relations has never been of more value. In fact, “In the United States alone, public relations is a multibillion-dollar […]

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Public Relations

Public Relations is an integral part of organization in order to highlight a positive aspect of a group of individual. It is very important to have a working public relations unit among government offices, businesses and private associations. On a personal note, public relations are defined as a form of philosophy that is equivalent to […]

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