Psychopathy is a problem for society as a whole, seeing that it could easily lead individuals that are suffering from this personality disorder to violent and criminal acts. The bases of psychopathy are known to be biological, sociological, and psychological. Whereas amygdale dysfunction is thought to be responsible for psychopathy, an individual’s frustration with his […]

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This American Life

After listening and reading the This American Life, I come to recognize that the test to determine whether somebody is a psychopath is worth giving weight to and in a grand manner trustworthy. The true psychopath does not experience love, empathy, sense of mercy or conscience or just at least fakes it. The psychopath test, […]

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Lying: Lie and Physical Health Benefits

When you lie around those that love and trust you then they will be extremely hurt, they aren’t given a choice but to take everything that you say or tell them as a lie. As much as it may hurt someone on the inside to hear the truth, coming out and telling the truth and […]

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