The Theory of Object Relations

Kernberg generally defines object relations theory as the psychoanalytic study of intrapersonal relations and how intrapsychic structures grow from internalized past relationships with others. Broadly, object relations theory could refer to a general theory of the structures of the mind influenced by interpersonal experiences. More narrowly, object relations theory is a more circumspect approach within […]

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Freud vs Horney

Sigmund Freud’s influence on modern day thinking permeates into our lives every day whether or not we realize it. Although much of his work has either been refuted or revised, his ideas have influenced an enormous spectrum of psychology and how we view life through our own thoughts. While his influence is irrefutable, the opinions […]

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Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment

Understanding the meaning of “Personality” is to know oneself by placing descriptors such as kind, understanding, honest, loving, and many more descriptors can be added to describe personality. To obtain what personality is “we” have to enter the minds Psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud theories are the corner stone of Psychoanalytical concepts and Defense Mechanisms. Freud’s work […]

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