The Language of Obedience and Protest in “The Revolt of “Mother”

In “The Revolt of “Mother”” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, the main female character takes a stand against her husband’s will by moving to the new barn to live in, because it is more comfortable than the house in which the family has lived for forty years. To do that, she had to change her […]

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The Wall Street Protest

The world today faces countless challenges ranging from environmental problems to depletion of key resources that are crucial for the growth of the world economy. These challenges have been received differently in various nations. For example, several protests have been staged in the USA by the citizens in order express their views. This paper seeks […]

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Pros and cons on protesting

Due to the nations stand point on freedom of speech, it seems like we are constantly hearing about different protests throughout the world. A protest is simply “an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent. ” (Dictionary. com) Most of the time a protest occurs because a minority group feels that their views are […]

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M1 protest: the worst enemy is the cynics

In the article ‘M1 protest: the worst enemy is the cynics’ Vivek Subramanian of Glen Waverly, Vic, an M1 protestor, argues in an accepting and intellectual, subdued manor in favour of the protestors. She believes that the ‘wild’ protestors have a valid point that is missed by many cynical people. Subramanian is upset that someone […]

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