Business ethics: products and advertising

Business ethics has in some cases been referred to as an oxymoron (Collins, 1994) this means that it brings together 2 contradicting concepts. This applies that there cannot be any ethics in the world of business. However this is a misplaced definition that most businesses will want to believe in so as to eliminate their […]

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Air Products & Chemicals Company

The American Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. global corporation principally deals with the selling of chemicals and gases for industrial application. The company headquarters are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This is in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania in America. It has over the years become the third largest employer in Lehigh Valley. St. Luke’s […]

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Marketing of High-Technology Products

According to the Mohr and Slater (2009), technology is referred to as a handy application of information in a specific area. In nonprofessional terms, technology is a collective term for creative undertakings, advancements and innovation and knowledge of the human race. From the cradle of humankind, technology existed but in crude forms. Today, man has […]

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Financial Management and Pricing Products

Dynamic pricing (yield management or revenue management) is a price discriminating method where customers are divided into two or more groups, and each group is charged a different price for goods or services are similar. Resources prices are adapted according to the demand function and the demand which is currently prevailing. It is pricing system […]

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Technology – Task analysis

They are a wide range of people who pick up leaflets from shops. People who pick them up are affected by choosing from a wide range mainly by the way a leaflet looks, my recipe leaflet will be aimed at primarily adults. Adults don’t usually like bright colours and funky shapes but prefer softer pastel […]

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Law and Dangerous Products

1. a. whether or not dumping should be permitted is a moral question. b. “Are dangerous products of any use in the third world?” is a nonmoral (scientific) question. c. “Is it proper for the U.S. government to sponsor the export of dangerous products oversea?” is a moral question. d. Whether or not the notification […]

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Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are a newer category of products that are designed to increase workout intensity and energy. These products are being used by millions of athletes today, and there have been a lot of questions raised about the long-term effects of them. There are a lot of different brands in this industry, but most of […]

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Design Essay: Philippe Starck

Various products are unique and compelling. It features stylistic and attractive qualities that are attributed to specific designers. Designers play an important role in the way that products and services are produced to suit specific situations. One of the designers is Philippe Starck who was born in 1949. Starck is a French Product designer and […]

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Describe a product

A major decision facing marketers working with different types of products is customization versus standardization. One of the products that can be standardized to serve customers in different markets is a simple safety razor. The main reason why it can be standardized is that consumers in different nations are likely to have the same type […]

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Advertising slimming products

Advertising is a very important element to the consumer, seller and the media. It instructs potential consumers on a variety of products that are available in the market, through advertising the media makes considerable amounts of profits, and finally the seller increases sales as a result of advertising.

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