Energy Production

The search and exploration of energy in the US has been a blessing in disguise as it has been welcomed by parties on one side, but refuted by others on the other. The proponents have economical gains in mind, while the naysayers have the environmental risks in mind. There are many case studies that have […]

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Analysis of chosen Product

For my product study I have chosen to investigate “Stationary Equipment Storage.” As my proposal states below: The stationery equipment storage is not secure; stationary can become lost which can give rise to safety concerns. I propose to research a variety of school environments such as a primary school and a secondary school to gain […]

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Production function

Production function graphs are a way to analyze the relationship between the economics or a health care treatment and its effectiveness as a treatment. The corollary data is combined to form a graph which allows health care providers and patients to determine the cost-benefit ratio of a proposed treatment. The idea is to determine economically […]

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Production Possibility Curve

1.) On a possibility curve, choosing one option means having to forfeit another. In other words, the manager of a company may have to decide between two ways to spend his money. Therefore, the curve on a production possibilities graph may shift according to the choice. For example, if the manager of the company chooses […]

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Production and Employment

The production of a country is determined by the level of GDP of a country, in this case we compare the US with three countries which include Japan, Canada and the Euro area. From the chart above it is evident that in the first quarter of 2007 Euro zone had the highest level of production, […]

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