The Web’s Popularity as a Media Product

Introduction A media product could be defined as a practice that is used for the achievement of different purposes. This means that a media product can be recurrently learned through experience and from others as they engage in its different uses. According to Albarran, Chan-Olmsted & Wirth (2005, p 102), a media product is also […]

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Health orientated product

My product is a health orientated, functional energy drink, made using a combination of selected herbal extracts and mineral water. It may be described as a health-orientated product as it is fortified with vitamins, which include vitamins B1, B2, and B6, and minerals that include taurine, niacin and inositol. Herbal extracts would include those of […]

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New Product & Service Development

The product I am looking to introduce is a revolutionary cricket bat. As I play a bit of cricket I am able to assess what a bat requires and the needs a player has when using the bat. The best section on a cricket bat is the middle, if a batsmen hits the cricket ball […]

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What advantages there are compared to other products

I will be making up a product and explain what advantages there are compared to other products. To make a start I will be writing out a questionnaire to the public in the city centre to question the public whether they agree with my product and to see whether they think it’s going to be […]

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The type of products that the elderly look for and reasons

My first question asked how many meals and elderly person ate per day. The majority of the people I asked said that they eat 3 meals a day. This means that the elderly get a good intake of most vitamins so my product wont have to be too extreme in focusing on one area of […]

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Different types of products

The world is full of all different types of products. Everything we use is a product and manufactured by one company or the other. Products are manufactured and produce to meet the needs and demands of the customers and consumers. There is a range of millions of products for different people and ethnic groups. Different […]

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With the aid of an appropriate diagram, explain the stages of a product life cycle

The term ‘product’ includes consumer and industrial goods and services. Goods have a physical existence , such as washing machines and chocolate bars. Services have no physical existence, but satisfy consumer needs in other ways, for example: hairdressing, car repairs, banking etc. Product life cycle is the pattern of sales recorded by a product from […]

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4 Ps for Portable Charger

The product that we are offering to the customers is an eco-friendly Powerstick. The features of the Powerstick are the following: energy saving, wireless system, rechargeable system, eco-friendly materials, single small plug, disposable and recyclable. The first prototype is based on a stick which recycles energy through a cycle we called auto regeneration process, which […]

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When a marketer intends on introducing a new product to the market then he/she must do extensive market research about that particular product. Some of the tasks to be undertaken include: interviewing or questioning one’s potential customers, or reading about what the target market needs, studying what is being offered in the current market by […]

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Product Life Cycle

1. Introduction of Product Life Cycle: All products possess ‘life cycles.’ A product’s life cycle, abbreviated PLC, the life cycle refers to the period from the product’s first launch into the market until its final withdrawal and it is split up in phases. Since an increase in profits is the major goal of a company […]

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