Managing contractual performance is a continuous process, which involves evaluating the quality of the desktop computers supplied. The process also involves finding out whether the computers were supplied at a fair prices compared to the price that other contractors are willing to offer. Once computers have been bought, it is expected that activities in the […]

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NHS Software Procurement Requirements

NHS refers to the set of public health care system within UK. It is one of the world’s largest publicly funded healthcare services provider. To ensure efficiency, egalitarian, and comprehensiveness, NHS requires a robust software application for patients’ records management that can handle big volumes of patients’ data, provide quick access, and be user friendly […]

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The strategic importance of the role of purchasing and procurement

For many decades, many industrialists have undermined the strategic importance of the role of purchasing and procurement. Textbooks in the area claim that the role has been overlooked, neglected and underestimated to favour other such functions within as such areas as marketing, accounting and engineering. Such functions are often regarded as “white collar” functions. However, […]

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BAL Case Study

The continued advances in procurement and information technologies, have presented BAL an opportunity to build on initiatives put in place since 1999. The P-Card initiative has produced cost savings through the shortening of procurement process for non traceable generic goods, but new e-based initiatives must be sought to further stream line the bidding and contracting […]

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