Al Capone and Probation

Al Capone is the single greatest symbol of collapse of law and order in the United States during the Prohibition Era. The act of Prohibition brought power to Al Capone, which he used to expand his organized crime activities into a stranglehold over the city of Chicago. Liquor trade became very profitable during Prohibition, and […]

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With reference to relevant literature discuss the history

The history of the probation service, although relatively short lived has gone through some major changes. Throughout this essay I shall discuss the history of the service and look at its changing role with the use of relevant literature. There have been a number of distinct phases in the development of the probation service in […]

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Probation – College Essay

To become a Juvenile Probation Officer, you should obtain a bachelor degree in Psychology, Social Work or Criminal Justice and obtain practical experience in counseling and community work. Juvenile Probation Officers help young people on probation turn their lives around through counseling, motivational interviews and family or community groups. Juvenile Probation Officers keep case files, […]

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Overcrowding in prison, a concern to the Community corrections

In 1995, 3. 8 million persons were taken into correctional supervision in the community. That’s twofold the number of offenders in American prisons. Probation agencies have had to revise their management styles with these individuals safely and in economical manner. All the stakeholders, probation board, probation agencies, judges and prosecutors knows that eventually community safety […]

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Compare and Contrast Traditional Probation Models

In the context of the question, probation refers to doing away of imprisonment of a criminal or offender in spite of having been found guilty of an offence. Instead he is directed by the court to undergo a period of reformatory probation during which he will have to strictly comply with predetermined set of conditions […]

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African-American Juvenile Probation and Parole

Juvenile delinquency is the act when a person ranging from ages of 10 through 17 years commits crime in the society. Juvenile delinquency of the youth is the main product from emotional problems like family problems as well as the financial instabilities of child.

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