Privatization in Argentina

Privatization entails a dramatic change in the economy of a nation. By selling off cumbersomely expensive and unsustainable public assets to private entities, developing countries may create a win-win situation. Those who advocate privatization assert that it is best for state administration to desist from production and pricing decisions anyway. Instead, the government must focus […]

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Privatization Assignment

1.What is your understanding of privatisation? Privatisation is the transfer of government resources and tasks to the private sector. This can include government assets, deregulation of industries, and outsourcing of government services and lastly, giving the consumer the option to purchase services on the open market with coupons or vouchers. (Hayden, 1997, pp.250-253) 2.Why would […]

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Disinvestment and Privatisation

Ownership reform in public sector enterprises (PSEs) initiated since 1991 has as yet been quantitatively modest. It is perhaps too early to judge the effects of these initiatives on their financial performance. While the slow pace of the reform can be perceived as an opportunity, there is perhaps merit in carefully reviewing the policy in […]

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The concept of privatization

The concept of privatization is one of the most relevant topic to be discussed because it entails so many issues affecting human services. It has something to do with the services a government caters to its inhabitants and how these services are being distributed. Since this is a very broad term, we need to understand […]

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Role of Privatization in Improvement of Productivity in Public Sector

The role of the private sector is understood both in broader reform context and partly on how to contain costs and increase efficiency without compromising standards in order to achieve financially sustainable, high quality services in all the sectors of development. The debate on the role of the private sector and privatization and its balance […]

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The Privatization of Rhône-Poulenc, 1993

Every government is subject to political pressure and finding a consensus between political and financial aims is difficult. In practice, some choices may not further the company’s long-term development. Regarding the main goals of the French government, the privatization of Rhone-Poulenc (RP) is supposed to raise funds (essential to cut budget deficit) and decrease new […]

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