Prosimians and Anthropoids

There are two main divisions of primates: Prosimians and Anthropoids. The lower division, Prosimians consists largely of the “lemurs,” scattered through the Old World tropics from Africa through Madagascar to Southeast Asia, living in trees, mostly nocturnal in activity, eating fruit and insects, furry in coat, and about the size of a cat or smaller. […]

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Zoo Project

On a trip to San Diego Zoo on March 23, I learned about the variety of primate species. Three species that will be analyzed here are the Wolf’s Guenons, the Mandrills, and the Siamangs. Wolf’s Guenons, Old World monkeys, are found at south of Africa’s Congo River. Their habitat is forests, woodlands, near rivers and […]

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The Private Life of Primates

Primates are organisms closely related to human because they share the same classification from the Domain system up to the Order system which is the Oder Primata under the Class Mammalia. Among others in the said Order are apes, prosimians, monkeys, tarsiers, lorises and lemurs. They share a common evolutionary descent that made them similar […]

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