Pornography, an issue that was once fairly inert, has ceased to be inactive, as the argument has raged now for decades. Liberals, libertarians, and feminists have all accepted the idea that free sexual expression plays an important part in permitting a discourse that challenges traditional gender roles. The idea of liberalism that is most common […]

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Pornography – Sex Or Subordination?

Pornography — Sex or Subordination? In the late Seventies, America became shocked and outraged by the rape, mutilation, and murder of over a dozen young, beautiful girls. The man who committed these murders, Ted Bundy, was later apprehended and executed. During his detention in various penitentiaries, he was mentally probed and prodded by psychologist and […]

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Pornography on the Internet

The Internet is a method of communication and a source of information that is becoming popular among those who are interested in the information superhighway. The problem with this world we know as Cyberspace, the ‘Net, or the Web is that some of this information, including pornographical material and hate literature, is being accessible to […]

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The Pornography of fear

1. The media’s utilization of crime has increased fear of crime in society, but it may not be a precise interpretation. 2. The author first presents support for his thesis in the first sentence of paragraph two, he says, “Britain has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, yet it has the highest fear […]

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Porn: Desensitization and Anti-Social Behavior

The word pornography comes from the Greek meaning, whore, harlot, prostitute, and to buy or sell a woman” (Oprah,2009). The word alone is degrading to women, how bad could the actual acts be? There are so many forms pornography comes in: magazines, posters, music, videos, and the most popular, the internet. This all makes it […]

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Government and Internet Pornography

Should the government ban pornography on the internet? The answer to this question rests on the fact that pornography is banned in real life circumstances outside of the cyber world. Since pornography is banned in real life circumstances, do the laws pertaining to the prohibition of pornography apply to “virtual” circumstances? Apparently, to say that […]

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Pornography in Cyberspace

Pornography on the internet is a lucrative industry with revenues reaching higher than all of the top technology companies combined. There are adults who choose to view these sites, but controversy ensues when children illegally view them on purpose or by accident while surfing the web. Pornography on the web is different than the paper […]

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Pornography in Law

A debate on the worth of pornography and other erotic material cannot proceed without a clear definition of the terms involved. In fact, this is a chief stumbling block encountered by legislators and theorists alike. Obvious ideological differences divide stakeholders in this debate. These differences color the definitions used, making an honest argument much more […]

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Pornography in Canada

Human beings are believed to have an innate and rightful claim for freedom. This freedom comes in several directions yet they point to the ultimate principle that human beings do have freedom. Inasmuch as this freedom may either be legally prescribed, socially granted, or inherently found within the very existence of man, the practice of […]

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Pornography and Violence Against Women

There is not a common definition of pornography, but pornography has been described as sexually explicit materials designed to arouse sexual desire in viewers. Originally, the word pornography comes from “a Greek word meaning writing about prostitutes,” (Davis, 1997). Sexual violence against women is widespread in society, and the availability of pornographic materials continues to […]

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