Pompeii houses Molly Clements

Most of the buildings in Pompeii were houses. Most were fine large single storey private houses owned by wealthy people. This type of house was called a domus. Poorer people lived in blocks of flats with many storeys. These were called insulae. There were very few of these in Pompeii, which shows it was a […]

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“The forum is the most important part of Pompeii for Historians to understand what life was like in Pompeii” Do you agree? 79 AD – the year things all changed for the inhabitants of Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius being the centre of this transformation. During the afternoon of 24th August, a huge cloud loomed over […]

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Research on Pompeii

Why is Herculaneum important to archeology today? It is important because archeaologists know so many different things about it like what their diet was, how they lived and how they made their money, and so many little details. They have many different aspects and can put them together to make a society. It gives archeologists […]

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