The Correctness of Polygamy

The practice of consecutive polygamy is based on the individual partners within the marriage. Concerns ranging from infidelity and abuse, through a loss of love as defined by the culture are the most common issues. Seldom is the concern of the extended family a factor in divorce and remarriage, which are a significant aspect of […]

Against Polygamy in France

Polygamy in France is more spread in the imagination than it is in reality. There are still a considerable number of polygamous families living in France and this is a model that does not fit the French conception of a traditional family unit. Women and children in polygamous families are in a situation where they […]

Religious and Intentional Communities

Polygamy is a highly controversial issue in the contemporary society. The controversy is viewed in the fact that polygamous values are traditionally opposed to the promoted social and family values. In reality, polygamous communities are not properly evaluated due to their secretiveness. There is serious lack of research on the subject; the knowledge found in […]

Polygamy in Igbo Culture

In the whole world, there are five continents. Africa is the world’s second largest continent, with 80 percent of its area in the tropics. Africa is usually portrayed as a dark continent historically and physically isolated from the rest of the world but it is not. Nigeria is one of the most important country in […]

Polygamy – College Essay

Polygamy quite simply means “many marriages” (Robinson, 2008, Introduction). When one thinks of polygamy, one conjures the images of a sexual orgy involving one man, many women, or many men and one women, or combinations or permutations, thereof. The very definition of polygamy, however, belies this notion, as polygamy is not group marriage, nor polyamory […]

Polygamy – College Essay

Meg Barker is a lecturer in psychology at the Open University and a practicing psychotherapist. She is co-editor of the journal Psychology & Sexuality and co-organiser of the Critical Sexology seminar series and Psychology in the Pub. Her research focuses on bisexual, polyamorous and sadomasochistic communities, identities and relationships, and she is more broadly interested […]

Polygamy: Marriage and Economic Growth

The institution of marriage is a social institution, under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal pledges. There are many types of marriage such as Polygamy, monogamy, and polyandry. In this essay we will focus on polygamy and show that it has more advantages than disadvantages. […]

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