International Political Economy – Zambia

Beginning in 1992 some 50 countries began implementing International Monetary Fund (IMF) structural adjustment programs (SAP). These programs were designed to help third world countries become more developed and to diversify their economies. When a country can no longer continue borrowing money, adjustment is deemed appropriate and often necessary. Usually the IMF promotes diversification of […]

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To what extent was Sir Robert Peel responsible for the conservative party break up in 1846

The conservative party split in1846 after Peel resigned as prime minister due to the defeat of the Irish Coercion Bill in the House of Commons. By this time Peel had lost the support of much of his own party after he had force thought the repeal of the Corn Law earlier in the year. Peel […]

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Why keep the Cons in the 1960s

Why was it that in 1951 victory was shown to be so close, yet by the 1959 General Election it had produced a Conservative majority of 100 MPs? Why were personalities so important at the time? Consensus- party, policies were generally very similar, so it was usually the personalities that shone the party, to the […]

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A cross-border cooperation fighting a transnational scourge

Consumed for millennia for medicinal or recreational purpose, it was during the twentieth century that drugs took the path of illegality. Until then, the phenomenon was not seen as a “problem” because it did not affect economy and politics as today and its consumption is now no longer only concerning a small number of marginalized […]

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International Relations Theory

War, both politically and physically has many gender stereotypes. There are many exceptionally different ways, on an international scale, in which war effects women. These stem from women having to go through the grievance of being mothers and lovers back at home (Karam, 2000: 3) to family dispossession; being actual wartime victims through violence, such […]

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Politics: Power and Principle

The policy making process is often long and drawn out, it is inherently paradoxical and never satisfies all parties involved. However policy remains a key tool of government and in many respects it is the only method to deal with existing and potential problems within society. Currently the U. S. is in the midst of […]

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How important are international institutions for the operation of today’s globalized economy

The process of globalization is recurrent and vastly discussed amongst scholars and students of the international political economy, however: “We can’t speak day after day about globalization without at the same time having in mind that… we need multilateral solutions” – Dominique Strauss Khan, former IMF Managing Direction Mindful globalization is an ambiguous phenomenon open […]

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The Falkland War: Why did the Argentine military junta invade and seize British territory

The Argentine invasion of the British controlled Falkland Islands in April 1982 transformed the South Atlantic into a grand military battlefield that would captivate the world’s attention for the next seventy four days (Gibran, 2007:5). The War raised a number of compelling issues within the realm of international relations including territorial conflict and the continuous […]

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An Assessment of the Prospects for European Federalism

For much of its history, Europe has been a dissolute collection of warring kingdoms, perpetually striving against each other in more or less violent competition. And as we move ever closer towards a single European entity, it is worth recognising that never before has there been a truly European system of rule. The empires of […]

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What do sociologists mean by the term ‘globalization’ and how have they tried to explain it

Globalisation is one of the hottest debates in sociology today. There are numerous factors that could be considered within this essay, the rise of ‘global media’ the advancement of technology and the effects of ‘Americanisation’ or western ‘cultural imperialism’, to name a few. Instead this essay will first explore the two main arguments central to […]

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