International Political Economy – Zambia

Beginning in 1992 some 50 countries began implementing International Monetary Fund (IMF) structural adjustment programs (SAP). These programs were designed to help third world countries become more developed and to diversify their economies. When a country can no longer continue borrowing money, adjustment is deemed appropriate and often necessary. Usually the IMF promotes diversification of […]

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Politics: Power and Principle

The policy making process is often long and drawn out, it is inherently paradoxical and never satisfies all parties involved. However policy remains a key tool of government and in many respects it is the only method to deal with existing and potential problems within society. Currently the U. S. is in the midst of […]

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The dichotomy between the private and the public is central to almost two centuries of feminist writing and political struggle

Contemporary feminism has served to fundamentally challenge the major assumptions of political theory and traditional definitions of what politics is. My answer will focus on feminist challenge derived from the critique of the theoretical difference liberals make between the public sphere in which the state can legitimately intervene and the private sphere where individuals are […]

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Political affairs

Many people never consider the possibility of joining the political field. But why? Is it because it appears too daunting? Does it seem too cut- throat and competitive? Or does it just sound boring? In an attempt to find out more and to hopefully dispel these misconceptions, I decided to ask those within the political […]

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Does the Media have too much political power in Britain

The media industry in the UK is by far one of the most influential sectors known as a ‘means of communication’ for people in Britain. Mass Media can now ultimately control what people see and think. Examples date back to the 20th century where propaganda was recognised as an issue during the second world war […]

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The Fifth Republic

The structure and organisation of French government has undoubtedly undergone dramatic changes since the inception of the Fifth Republic, not only as a result of the changes prescribed by the new constitution of 1958, but also subsequently to this in the evolving interpretations of the new system by leaders from De Gaulle onwards. Perhaps the […]

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How important was long distance trade to the prosperity of the Venetian Republic and Portugal

The fundamental problem of exchange concerns the trade between merchants of different nation states. Mutual gains between merchants can be achieved through trade, either through absolute or comparative advantage whereby each country specialises in producing a good that can be produced cheaply locally and then traded with other countries. This specialisation, as highlighted by Adam […]

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To what extent do the media in Britain determine political attitudes and opinions

In a liberal democracy media is the channel through which freedom of speech and the opinions of the public is exercised, in order to provide accountability through criticising the government (Street 2001). Heywood (2007) recognizes that, through a combination of social and technological changes, the media have become increasingly more of a powerful political actor […]

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Assess Mrs Thatcher’s impact on British government and politics

Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister of Great Britain from the Third of May 1979 until November 22nd 1990. She was the first female and the longest serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century. She brought with her a completely new ideology to base policies upon and a controversial style of leadership leading to nick-names such […]

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What factors led to labour emerging so quickly to be a major player so quickly in British politics

Although the second and third reform acts(1867 and 1885) gave more working class men the vote, up until 1900 there had only ever been three independent working class men had ever been voted in as Mps. The vast majority of working class mps had been ‘lib-labs’, working class men working under the umbrella of the […]

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