Gorbachev Mikhael Sergeyevich

Gorbachev Mikhael Sergeyevich was born in 1931 in a small village in the Stavropol region of Russia. His family lived a hard live during the time of Stalin. His family was forced into collective labour in the farms. However, he was able to survive this live because his grand father was on the Stalin side […]

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Politics and Media-Thesis: Systematic Propaganda is Evident in Canada’s Mass Media

Politics and media have been comrades in arms since ages. Propaganda has not won anything durable for the perpetrators of this white-collar crime, but the short-term damage inflicted by it is catastrophic in many cases. It has rewritten histories, doomed cultures and destroyed humanity as if human beings are moths! When the writers are hired […]

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Political Socialization

So what is Political Socialization? Our text book explains it as the way people acquire their political beliefs and values: often including their party identification, through relationships with their families, friends, and co-workers. To put it more simply, it’s our experiences with our parents, friends, school and society. It’s what we were taught in school […]

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Fiipino History of Precolonial Politics

The cultural achievements of pre-colonial Philippines include those covered by prehistory and early history of the Philippines archipelago and its inhabitants, which are the indigenous forebears of today’s Filipino people. These early Filipinos possessed a culture and technology that were quite advanced considering the timeline of history of science when it flourished. Waves of migrants […]

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Economic and Political Environment of Dubai

In recent years, Dubai, a city within the United Arab Emirates, or emirates (UAE), has seen significant growth and is continuing to be viewed as a great place to do business. With a population of over 2 million, not only is Dubai booming, but it is a free trade zone, offering 100% foreign ownership and […]

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