The Role of the Police Officer

The purpose of the study was on the role of the police officer in terms of implementing public safety, the research will investigate the effect of public perception on police forces actions and duties on implementation of public safety. Police’s perceptions on their actions and duties when implementing public safety will also be looked at. […]

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The Police in the United States

Introduction When the company is falsely accused of the forced children labor, this accusation may seriously damage the business reputation and therefore the business performance of the company; the expected revenues are highly endangered (Thomas, 2011). Besides, numerous reports, scholarly and business studies have affirmed the fact that when the potential consumers are aware of […]

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The Distinction between Liberal and Authoritarian Police Forces

The Police force in England and the USA was invented roughly between the years 1825 to 1865 so as to counter the rise in crime rates during that period. In addition to plummeting crime rates, the elites used the police force to act in instances of collective actions such as defiant crowds and riots. In […]

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Organizational structure of a Police Force

1. The purpose of an organizational structure is to assign the workload, make certain the lines of authority and responsibility are assigned and understood, and establishes a chain of command. The larger and more specialized the agency is the more vertical the structure will become. Some elements in a basic police agency include operations and […]

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Community Policing

The following paper will briefly outline the philosophical, managerial and direct consequences of restructuring a police force, into a system rooted in community policing. To create the momentum necessary for change within a traditional organization, the emphasis on a new direction must staple itself to the day to day operations. Such a course change is […]

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The early metropolitan police force

As you may already know, the police force in the late 19th Century was in its early stages of creation. The creator of the Metropolitan Police Force, which is my main focal point, Sir Robert Peel, had the intention to try and control law and order in London as it was slowly winding out of […]

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The South African Police force was justified and acting

The events that happened at Sharpeville are, and probably will always be, undecided. We know that the South African Police shot the crowd, but we aren’t sure whether it was justified and acting in self defence. Source C and H both back up this statement. Source C claims that the blacks attacked the police with […]

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Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

Police officers on patrol believe that a man that they see, Shane, is a suspect wanted for burglary. Outline the powers of the police to stop and search and if necessary to arrest the man. The police have the power to stop and search both people and vehicles in a public place under sections 1 […]

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Policing has made huge progress since 1900

Since the 1900’s the police did gain a substantial amount of respect from the public but whether or not they made a huge progress is debatable. In this essay I will discuss the way the police have changed and progressed. I will also discuss the upside and downside that the police went through during the […]

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Policing and Police Studies

It will be the intention of this essay to ‘comment on current local reduction strategies under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. To what extent should central crime reduction and performance targets inform local initiatives in this area? In doing so the author recognises the wide-ranging changes introduced, in particular those in respect of youth […]

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