In What Way Imagist Poetry Influences Modernists

1. Introduction The England-based Georgians had been attacked by the modernists as “unoriginal and slack in technique, shallow in feeling, slight in intellect…and weekend escapism” (David 1976, p.204). The American-based Genteel Mode, on the other hand, was also criticized as “…in its Romantic spiritual elevation it did not grapple with experience…”(David 1976, p.204). Modernist writers […]

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Keats characteristically gives visual form to the idea that human life is soon over

John Keats is well known for his escapism-based poetry. Critics argue that this escapism is Keats way of escaping life and death, the latter, a subject well experienced by the poet. However, this could also be the basis behind Keats attitude that human life is ‘short-lived.’ Loosing his father at the age of eight and […]

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Poetry Thomas Hardy – “During Wind And Rain”, “The Voice” and “At Castle Boterel”

This essay will be about three poems written by Thomas Hardy, the poems were all written in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and were written at the end of Thomas Hardy’s life. The poems all go together quite well because they have the same sort of themes running through them. These poems al all […]

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Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two beautiful people in a Mercedes

“Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two beautiful people in a Mercedes” is a poem written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a poet born in New York City in 1919 and spent most of his life living in San Francisco, so some would call him a ‘city boy’. This poem shows the contrast between two […]

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Emily Dickinson tears the comforting Victorian blanket of language and exposes to us her stark, distinct, jewel-like world

Emily Dickinson’s poetry can be described as ambiguous and enigmatic. The description given in the question is much like Dickinson’s poetry, and hence, itself requires some interpretaion. The main subjective part of the question is the ‘jewel-like world’, which I will adress later. But, more prominently is the fact that Dickinson’s poetry is the anthetis […]

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The Poems of W H Auden

The poetry of W. H. Auden is by no means extraordinarily complex or hard to understand, but often an in-depth discussion of a poem can bring to light meanings or qualities a reader may have otherwise overlooked. One may even find a common thread running through a group of poems, such as in this one. […]

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Samuel Taylor Colleridge’s

It has been suggested that The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner may be read as a religious text, presenting nothing less than ‘the fall of man’. How do you respond to this interpretation? Begin your answer by considering the extract above. Samuel Taylor Colleridge’s poem, written in 1979 has been widely discussed throughout literary history. […]

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Poetical Epistle by Him in Wales

To Dr. Moore, in answer to a Poetical Epistle Written by Him in Wales was written by Helen Maria Williams. The poem provides an insight into the thoughts of Williams following the French Revolution. It contemplates the disaster and carnage caused by the revolution, but also celebrates the great success for the federation. The poetic […]

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Emily Dickinson’s poetry

It is a common view that poetry is often the result of a deeply felt reaction to one’s life and society. Hence, over 100 years on since Dickinson died, this would lead us to assume that her poetry can hold no value to us as now: society must have changed beyond all comprehension to that […]

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Romantic Poetry Anthology

The term ‘Romanticism’ is related to a period of European history during the end of the 18th Century and the beginning of the 19th Century. The romantic age of poetry was dependant on various features atypical to their time, for example a reaction against previous literary styles, arguments with eighteenth century and earlier philosophers, the […]

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