Computers and the Law

Software piracy is the illegal copying of software either to sell or to use without permission. Copyright law makes it illegal to copy software without permission. Software companies suffer a great deal from piracy. A large amount of money is needed to research and develop new software and losing money due to piracy makes it […]

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Ruben on Piracy

In “ In Defense of Piracy(Well, Some Piracy)”, Matthew Ruben states that it is alright to download mp3 in certain circumstances. He reasons firstly that the current marketing strategies of music are making people paying for albums they would not enjoy. He also reasons that between a dilemma of paying unreasonable price for a single […]

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How Has the Strategy of Pirates Changed over Time

The North and East coast of Africa are very well traveled waterways for the Global Maritime Shipping business. Learning about and working with one of these businesses was very eye opening to an unknown world. With every major industry there are upsides and downsides. When someone is placed in a new industry they are generally […]

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How Crime Affects Businesses

We are living in a digital world these days. Like all other wonders of science, it also has some pros and cons. Quick access to information is a positive aspect of digitalization, whereas, piracy or illegal access to any document or information is a negative feature. However, it is being practiced all around the globe. […]

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Shipping piracy has long been present as threat to seafarers who sailed carrying supplies and precious cargo to be traded and bartered with. Piracy is the act of raiding ships traveling the sea and carrying precious cargo to be delivered to a destination. As early as 13th century, the first incident piracy was documented. It […]

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