Physics began when man first started to study his surroundings. Early applications of physics include the invention of the wheel and of primitive weapons. The people who built Stone Henge had knowledge of physical mechanics in order to move the rocks and place them on top of each other. It was not until during the […]

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The Involvement of Physics as the Basic Foundation of Electronics

Physics is considered as the concentrated study when it comes to understanding the relatively of matter pertaining to motion, movement and force. This is the reason why physics has been noted as a source of proper understanding that insists on the capability of humans to give probable explanations as to how matters coexist with each […]

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New light shed on ‘ringed planet’ Saturn’s satellites

Saturn’s F ring and its shepherd satellites are natural outcome of the final stage of formation of the planet’s ring-satellite system, a new study has found. Saturn, which is the second largest planet in our solar system, is known for its multiple rings and satellites, and is often called ‘the ringed planet’. In 1979, Pioneer […]

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physics sapling 2.2

the chart contains position and time date which situation below best explains the motion described in the chart time: position: 0 0 1 15 2 20 3 45 4 62 5 81 6 102 7 125 8 150 9 175 10 200 a man drives slowly along a city street. when he reaches a freeway […]

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An investigation into whether varying light intensity at a stream affects the species diversity

Foulden common has a variety of different habitats including grassland, young woodland, ponds, swamps, fenland, set-a-side and streams which enables a diverse range of organisms to be present in an area. Life for plants and animals in any medium is a constant struggle. Besides the physical environment, predators, parasites and other competitors that have to […]

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Physics – Delphi Automotives Needle Lift

A Fuel injector is electronically controlled valve, which contains amongst other things a tightly coiled spring and a needle (see diagram: however this is a electromagnetic fuel injection system). A pump connected to the fuel injector pushes highly pressurised fuel down to the bottom of the injector, causing pressure to build up. When the pressure […]

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Electromagnet Investigation

Our aim for this experiment is to find out a method of increasing the strength of an electromagnet. My aim for this experiment is to see if the number of turns in the coil around a nail can affect the strength of an electromagnet. Whilst doing this experiment, we will need the following apparatus; an […]

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Trace the Development of the Science Fiction Film Genre Analysing the Techniques Used and Commenting on Your Response to the Films

Over time, the science fiction film genre has developed immensely in numerous ways. These developments are easily distinguishable between the modern films of today and some of the most primitive movies. If one was to examine an older movie opposite a recent one, there is a dramatic contrast between the two films, which some may […]

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How far should medical science be allowed to go

I believe that medical science has gone too far already. Take cloning for example. Didn’t God make us so we are all different? Yes. So why are we trying to make people the same? This could be very stressful to someone seeing yourself in the street and your friends might think that they are you. […]

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The Problems of Measuring Attitudes in Social Science Surveys

In this essay, I will firstly examine certain definitional problems with the term attitude, suggesting that discrepancies arise from the fact that describing an attitude will always involve interpretation. It follows that an attitude is an essentially subjective phenomenon, and that any attempt to define an attitude as theoretical constructs, at whatever level of abstraction, […]

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