Cell Phone Technology

The cell phone originated in 1920 in the form of radio calls. The radio call faced further developments in 1940, which saw the introduction of various features that saw the transformation of the phone into the current design. Initially, the radio call or the first phones were used in security departments. In 1973 Martin Cooper, […]

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Time for a new kind of phone booth

After reading “Time for a new kind of phone booth” by Bob Greene, CNN Contributor and bestselling author whose books include “Late Edition: A Love Story” and “When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams,” I think the idea of bringing back phone booths […]

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Vertu Phone Case

This case refers to Vertu and Nokia. We must examine the problems that both companies are going through. We must also evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to determine a possible solution to these problems. Synopsis of the Situation Nokia has been one of the leaders in the mobile phone industry for a long time. The […]

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Pros and Cons of F9100 Cingular Wireless Phone

Communication nowadays is a must especially in long distance relationships. Cell phone has done many important and relevant jobs in order for this communication to be possible. The demand of cell phones increases as new models of it are being released everyday. Almost everyone owns a cell phone with different brands or models. These cell […]

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Assessing how a selected business could improve the ethics of their operations

Assess how a selected business could improve the ethics of their operations There are a number of ways how organisations can improve the way they operate ethically and I will be assessing how a large organisation such as Dial-a-Phone can function more ethically. Dial-a-phone is national mobile phone provider who are owned by the even […]

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Advantages of Having a Cellular Phone

My cellular phone changed my life. It is no longer inconvenient and expensive. Also, it helped me boost my academic status. Last but not least, it assists me during emergency situations. Allow me to elaborate further…

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