Ancient and Modern Philosopher

One of man’s quest since the beginning of time is the love of knowledge. This can be seen by the many philosophers that have existed in the world. Philosophers do not take any spoken word, theory or concept lightly (Broughton 24). They would love to prove the validity and authenticity of what laymen takes to […]

What are Seneca’s views on anger

Seneca who was a Spanish-born stoics philosopher and a good public speaker between 4 B. C and 65 B.C has given his opinion about anger in his essay ‘On Anger’. This essay will illustrate his views on anger by looking at his definition on anger, the discordances of anger with nature, the decision to start […]

How did Brett Whiteley portray the body

In the same way Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo used techniques to express the body in a way they thought was acceptable – as it was, Whiteley used techniques to express the body in a way he thought was acceptable. By doing so, Whiteley added character and life into his artwork, by distorting and changing […]

Plato’s republic shocked the world

The philosopher Plato lived from 488-348BC. He was Greek and an Athenian. Although he himself was of noble descent, in Athens, there was a democratic government. Plato himself despised democracy – it had been a mentor that had executed his mentor, Socrates. He describes it in the Republic as a ‘great beast’.As he sees democratic […]

Of Studies by Francis Bacon

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self Is not something one finds, It is something one creates,” said Thomas Szasz. The saying tells that self is not sticking by nature, or what one is from the time of Its birth; but it is something nurtured, or […]

Jeans Jacques Rousseau

Jeans Jacques Rousseau was a French Philosopher, writer and composer born in the eighteenth century in Switzerland. Rousseau belief that all men are good overlooks the fact that men are born differently and therefore they must have differing expressions of interests. The fact that the state expects obedience from the members of the public in […]

Comparison of the Arguments Posed by the Peter Singer and Richard Posner Debate

Peter Singer is an Australian philosopher that lectures on applied ethics through the lens of utilitarianism. Singer is best known for his book Animal Liberation, which introduced the concept of speciesism. Like sexism or racism, speciesism is a type of discrimination based on membership to a particular species. Richard Posner is a judge and also […]

Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir is a noted French philosopher. She was not always considered a philosopher, but a writer, and has only been given the distinction of philosopher in recent years. Her early life was spent writing and thinking, and became considered philosophical work only after her death. Beauvoir was born in France in 1908. She […]

Ruth Barcan Marcus

Ruth Barcan Marcus developed the key ideas in the new theory of reference in her writings in 1946-1947, especially in her 1961 article “Modalities and Intensional Languages. ” Although there were allegations that Marcus stole the ideas of Kripke, who was said to be the first to formulate the theory of reference, Marcus remain to […]

The Wonders Ruth Barcan Marcus Pioneered

Ruth Barcan Marcus is not just another logician and philosopher, because she was able to contribute so much to the world while practicing her passion in logic and language. She slowly became known for being published in different publications, and has written several essays on various subjects that revolve around critical historical studies, moral conflict, […]

George Herbert Mead

George Herbert Mead, 1863 -1931, an American pragmatist, sociologists, social psychologist and philosopher, was graduated in Oberlin in 1883 and in Harvard in 1888 and also studied in Berlin and Leipzig. He worked as a lecturer in University of Chicago from 1984 till his demise. Basing on Charles Cooley and Dewey, Mead insisted that “the […]

Paul Ricouer

Paul Ricouer, a French philosopher and theologian in the tradition of hermeneutics. He taught in the United States of America in the University of Chicago and alsto taught in Europe for a number of different schools. He was once the student of Jean Nabert, a well-acclaimed French philosopher, and of Gabriel Marcel, whose staunch Catholic […]

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beliefs and Perspective of the Truth

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who disputed the foundations of Christianity and morality. He believed that there is only one Christian, and that Christian died on the cross many years ago. He strongly believed in life, happiness, creativity, philosophy, the realities of life and the world where we live in. (Reno, 2006) Nietzsche was […]

Epicurus’ Doctrines and its Application to My Life

Epicurus is a Greek philosopher who lived in 341 BC. He is known for his Atomistic and Hedonistic philosophy. Millions of generations passed but still his teachings lived on, and it was proven to be beneficial not only to his students in the Garden but to us who are living 200, 000 years after his […]

John Locke

John Locke was a 17th – early18th century philosopher, an academic at Oxford as well as a medical researcher. He became a successive government official, collecting trade and colony information and becoming an economic writer, political activist in the opposition and eventually, a revolutionary (IEP, 2001). Locke was himself a great educationalist in the sense […]

Nietzsche, Nihilism and the Death of God

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche while producing many works, consistently wrote on five main concepts: nihilism; revaluation of values; will to power; the eternal return; and the overman. Yet all these concepts stem from another concept which was not previously mentioned and is possibly what Nietzsche is most well known for. Even those who can merely […]

William Paley’s Designer World: Is There Any Taker

Backed up by the legacy of the thought of earlier philosophers, William Palley (1743-1805 ), archdeacon.. tried to boil down the stray ideas into one pack of idea which, in fact advocated the presence of God as the designer of everything. Known as “Design Argument”, his theory stressed on the perceptive deduction of the events […]

Descartes First Certainty

In order to understand Descartes’ First Certainty, it is best to view and situate the greater scheme of his philosophy against the backdrop of the intellectual revolution of his time. The coming of the seventeenth century also ushered in a great quandary for the philosophers of that time. The triumph of the new scientific method, […]

Descartes and Knowledge

Descartes argues against trusting the senses. He claims that human beings learn their beliefs through their senses. It is through the senses that one learns the world around him. The senses he speaks about are both the internal and external senses. He argues that people have been deceived by their senses on at least one […]

In Defense of Socrates

My client, the great philosopher Socrates, today stands accused of practicing atheism and of corrupting the minds of our Athenian youth. Meletus and a host of others have brought these charges upon Socrates, who had the chance to stand up and refute them today in this courtroom. Though Socrates has done a superb job of […]

Descartes – College Essay

Rene Descartes was one of the greatest philosophers in the Baroque period. He was influential not only in physics, natural sciences, mathematics, but most importantly his work on philosophy. His way of thinking may be skeptical and doubtful, he is one of the European thinker included Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. And his famous phrase […]

David Hume-Philosopher

Scottish philosopher David Hume believed that the only source of knowledge was through experience and that thinking was habitual, rather than a rational process. He believed that it was not possible for knowledge to stretch beyond the boundaries of experience. In his book A Treatise of Human Nature (1739) Hume defines his theories surrounding morals, […]

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