Pharmacy Assistants with Hep B and Parenteral Products Preparation

Pharmacy, like medicine is a very old profession. It has existed as early as the ancient times. Up to now, it remains a profession that is considered mysterious and very intriguing. From the apothecaries of the olden times to today’s generation, the pharmacy profession has evolved into a form of art and science of preparing, […]

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Personal Statement of Purpose for Pharmacy School Application

I am submitting this letter in compliance with the requirements of the University and to signify my intent to pursue a degree in Pharmacy at your prestigious University. It is quite difficult for me to elaborate why it is important for me to pursue a degree in Pharmacy. There are so many reasons why I […]

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Personal career goals

I have spent a good deal of time elaborating my career goals and trying to narrow down the direction I would like my professional career to follow. I would eventually like to start up my own pharmacy with a specialty niche such as compounding or hormone replacement therapy. In order to get to that point, […]

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Financial Impacts and Constraints Paper

A health care facility needs to monitor the processes and operations of its pharmacy, since it is the major profit producer. The pharmacy is required to maintain minimal errors, excellent customer service, and high efficiency, while returning significant profits. Pharmacies are considering a profit center for the hospital and have a direct effect on the […]

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Generic Medicines and Sustainability of Portuguese

The health systems are becoming broader and more complex and healthcare expenditure has never been so high, consuming an increased part of the national income, more than 10% of GDP. In the last decade, medicines spending had a particular growth, having contributed decisively to the rise of total health expenditure. In order to contain medicines […]

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Personal Statement for Doctor of Pharmacy degree

I believe I am an ideal candidate to be considered for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program because I possess substantial knowledge, necessary skills, and most of all, the right attitude and a wide variety of experiences that would enable to become successful in my chosen career. At present, I am living with my […]

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Uconn Pharmacy School Admissions

Stride after stride after stride, I was oblivious to the pain in my calves or the sweat dripping down my forehead; the only thing on my mind was outdoing my summer’s best time. After running close to six miles every day, I had no intention of breaking that streak. However, that hot July day I […]

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Describe your recent involvement in an extracurricular or community service activity

I have always been genuinely interested in the field of Pharmacy, which is why I have always tried to excel in my previous studies so that I can have the opportunity to study further and pursue a career in the field. In terms of extracurricular involvements, my experiences are modest by I believe very meaningful. […]

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Personal Statement

Ever since I was a kid, I have a strong passion for science and that passion was seen by my high school teacher who recommended that I pursue a career in pharmacy.

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Tell us about an activity that is important to you, and why

My most important activity is praying. As I am a daughter of God, I pray to God everyday. It is the only way to converse with God, a time to be able to reflect and a chance to think deeply about myself. Also, because of the praying, I can improve my mental ability the more. […]

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