Antibiotic use in domestic animals

Antibiotics are extensively in livestock, fish, and plant production worldwide. The effect that this has on the environment is widespread. All manners of the environment are affected. The main affect on the Plantae is through eutrophication. The waste from the domestic animals contains antibiotic resistant bacteria which enters the soil and contributes to the nitrogen-fixing […]

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How to care for a new kitten addition to the family

For this coursework I am writing a leaflet for children from ages 6-9 advising them on how to care for a new kitten addition to the family. It is very important to emphasize in this piece that a cat is a big responsibility and write by using key words that children are familiar with. To […]

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Spay or Neuter

1. Pet Care, registration, shots. spay and neuter your pets 2. We must keep our pets very healthy, make sure they get all their vaccinations and spaying and neuter your pet Is the responsible thing to do. This controls the population of our pets. I have a cat which I will be taking to get […]

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Classroom pet

What do you think of when you hear “classroom” pet? A dog? A hamster? What about fish? Imagine your self in class, bored out of you mind, daydreaming about having a classroom pet. Well, now you can have a classroom pet that students and, even teachers will love, and that is, fish. Convince your teachers […]

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Adopt a Pet

Have you experienced finding a stray dog or cat while you were strolling downtown? Did you think how careless the owners were for letting their pets go astray? Did you feel sad that such pets go untaken care of? We at the animal shelter have experienced finding these poor pets scavenging trash cans for food […]

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Taking Care of a Pet

Having a dog is a like having a child. It’s a full time job. It requires a lot of responsibility. All you need to know is what your dog needs are, then meet them. First step is picking the right type of dog. Also choosing a name that is suitable, that you can easily remember. […]

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Owning a Pet

Owning a pet has big responsibilities and are great to have around. Pets make great companions; all they want is love. When owning a pet, it can be quite rewarding and somewhat of a great experience if wanting to take the time to care for them. When owning a pet: it can be very costly, […]

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