Personal statement

Magazine front cover

For my assignment I had to create a magazine front cover. To do this I first determined what genre I was going to create and who my target audience was going to be. I then decided to create a cricket magazine, so then I decided the target audience was going to be made up of […]

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“My Dream”

I used to be aimless. When I was a child, I never really thought of what I wanted to do with my life. It just never occurred to me. Even when my primary three teacher assigned us a composition on the topic of “My Dream”,which I believe is one of the most popular primary school […]

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My fictionalise memoir is going to be on a real story that happened to me near the College of Southwark at the cut

My story begins one day on a Tuesday afternoon after finishing my English class, has I was walking near the cut at Southwark I saw an elderly woman out side her door asking people to help her but no one help her then she ask me for help and because she was in her 70 […]

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Speech – Dream Job

Well, for starters, I feel I would be able to bring something new to the table, If you employ me. I assure you I am full of great, interesting and unique ideas that I want to share. For example when I was at college, studying film & media, I had to come up with lots […]

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Have the correct answer to every question asked

Being sixteen, I often believe that I’m right about everything and have the correct answer to every question asked. In my eyes, I see myself as confident, but my mother sees me as cocky. We often debate about whether or not I am confident or cocky. However, I’ve begun to realize that my confidence level […]

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My own car

Steering wheels jammed, failing air condition, oil drops in your wind shear, increasing temperature in your cabin, thick smoke and fire from the engine compartment, I hope you can imagine what this is all about. This is one of my recent ghastly experiences which still continue to bring me the nightmares. I’m not talking about […]

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The Fall

Everyone in their lifetime have had embarrassing moments, some may have a long lasting effect and some may not. There are many embarrassing moments I would love to erase, if I could. Just like any other person, I have had many embarrassing moments. Therefore, for this essay, after spent a lot of time thinking of […]

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Homeless Essay

When one door closes another one opens- right? So how come in my case, the doors just keep dosing; just suggesting to me that I am a complete and utter failure. My partner left me; I lost my job as an accountant on corruption rumours, just as I was starting to sort my life out. […]

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Wild and Untamed

I shielded my eyes from the niggling ray of sunlight peeking into my darkened room through the mottled green curtains. I turned over with an exasperated groan to try and hold on to the last grains of sleep, knowing fully well that now I was awake, I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. […]

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The Accident

I can hear the boisterous wind charging through the icy caverns of the station. My polished, black leather shoes pad against the escalator stairs, as I rub at the chafing collar of my shirt, aware of the irritating dampness. Everything seems to be going against me. Morality has a vice-like grip on my stiff shoulders, […]

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