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Technology: Evaluation of my Birdhouse

I said in my specification that the birdhouse should have a cover or roof, and looking at the product you can see that it has. So this was one specification that I met. Another specification that I met was that it should be made out of a weatherproof material. Acrylic is a waterproof and I […]

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Pressured by your friends

Pressured by your friends, compelled by the commercials and required by the rigorous nature of sports you are forced to buy your first pair of high-end footwear. Selecting this fundamental tool of daily life can be an extremely daunting task as there are so many factors to consider. For one, unless you are part of […]

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How has a place influenced you

I was born in Oromocto, New Brunswick during a blustering snowstorm in 1993. Late November was always cold there, but when I was seven in 2000, I welcomed the move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, hoping for a more forgiving climate. Even when I was seven, the climate and feel of New Brunswick seemed foreign, and […]

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I knew I had to face her

My niece was in a bed, undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. We never know why one is chosen rather than another but my feelings were mixed. In one sense, there were times when I hated her, yet I felt enormous affection for her at others. What was I going to do?I am part of a peculiar […]

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Growing up, I was fortunate in that I had all the advantages

I had parents who were supportive and loving, a sister who urged me to always do my best, and friends who understood me. My problems were few and insignificant. As a Jew in a heavily Southern Baptist region, I did face the occasional comment about my religion. However, beyond the confusion of my Star-of-David for […]

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A Day in the Life Essay

Morning comes, like any other morning I have to cope with. My alarm goes off and I really hate it when it goes off because it makes such a deafening noise that it wakes the whole house up. When I try to go and stop my alarm I drop off my bed, which awakens me. […]

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Separation’s Gift

It was November 6, 1990 in the small town of Clinton, South Carolina where my parents, Sherri Johnson and Ricky Johnson Sr. , separated from their eight-year marriage. There are numerous explanations for their separation. The main reason my parents separated was due to the obsessive drinking problem my father had. I grew up in […]

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When Accidentally Threw Herself Down A Flight

She hoped that I would die in the accident and she would be able to continue her life without the burden of a child she had never wanted. What she didn’t anticipate was breaking her neck at the bottom. She was rushed to the hospital almost immediately, but it was too late. I, however, was […]

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The sun was shining bright on us from a cloudless sky

The river was like a blue undulated area extending before us for miles. Lush green mountains and forest can also be seen surrounding the river and acting as its safety barriers, the gentle breeze that blew give a soothing feeling in an otherwise hot day. Ominous feelings never crossed our minds in that atmosphere. Only […]

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Making Paradise Now

A student at Eastern College had just graduated from college with a degree in education. She was headed out into the world and wondering where her future would lead her. She went and interviewed for a job as a teacher. This particular job was at a very good school and so was quite prestigious and […]

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An experience that has impacted my life completely

In life we experience phases in which we learn from. Lessons of life are indirectly taught through experiences or “drama” that we live through on an everyday basis. There is no real teacher in the lessons of life, the individuals living life determine their own teachers. An experience that has impacted my life completely would […]

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The island of Cuba

Faraway from my English countryside lies the island of Cuba. Nestled in the Pacific, warm, tropical waters covers its shore on all sides; a wall of energetic blue. It was a clear afternoon as I made my way back form Havana University. The skies were opened up in a friendly shade of pale blue and […]

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The Break – 2327 words – College Essay

People at a young age, become very depended on their parents, and later on, find it very hard to go somewhere without their parents. During the summer of last year, my parents had given me a choice. They asked me if I wanted to go to a summer camp in Switzerland. Like all teenagers I […]

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What only I can explain

I’m lying on my bed in the position in which the cell’s previous occupiers now lie six feet under, in the cemetery three hundred yards to the north. I stare at the tattooed walls, my body riveted with boredom, my solemn face not moving as my mind works faster than it ever has. Out of […]

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The Roma Ethnicity from the point of view of a Gypsy teacher

The purpose of this study is to tell honestly, what I think about my race, the way we live and the disadvantages I had to face thorough my life. In this paper, I try to avoid presenting boring data about the gypsy community; I rather try to present it as I really see the problems, […]

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November the eleventh

My mother took no concern whatever and just told me that we were going to be leaving Zimbabwe, my home country, on twenty sixth of December. At first I thought it was just like before, when she got stressed and had a phase and said things but later went back on them. She had often […]

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My Own Experience

This is a true story based upon my personal experience in my early childhood. I am going to write about someone very dear in my life, who has inspired me from the beginning – my mother. Born as the eldest child in a family of four in Mauritius and being the first grand child in […]

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My Day – College Essay

My day starts when I am awoken by a knock on my door. I am disturbed from my sleep and not very happy about it. “Go away”, I shout at the person at my door. Then I go into a half asleep, half awake state. I am unwilling to get up or move, the start […]

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Home Sweet Home

As a child, I move homes quite regularly due to the constant changes in my father’s job. Thus, my childhood was like an endless roller coaster with unexpected and sometimes frightening curves and turns. Just when I am feeling the exhilaration of having found a home and of reaching the peak, my roller coaster takes […]

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Edmundson’s article

When I began to read Edmundson’s article, I attempted to sense an overall theme that, for me would characterize the tone of his piece. I felt that if I found what was holding it together and the motivation behind it, then I would be able to analyze the piece with respect to that theme.I read […]

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Who Am I – College Essay

As I sit here at my computer, my initial thought was that this assignment was going to be easy. In fact, it is not. I do not know where to begin or end for that matter. Anything and everything I have done, said, seen, and been a part of, all my life, has left footprints […]

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My Life in New York City

My name is Charley and I am an older man living in an apartment complex in New York City in the 1950’s. I am a large man, and this physical trait lends to my immovability as a person; when I set my mind on some task, it’s going to get finished. I’ve been told that […]

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