Language of performing arts

In Drama we studied different techniques and how to cooperate these techniques into our individual performances. We looked at the abnormal through characterisation and dialogue. We explored how different playwrights used characterisation and dialogue as a way of communicating to the audience. We looked at Steven Berkoff, Samuel Becket and William Shakespeare. All of these […]

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Performing Arts

As a company called ‘Pink Pants Productions’ we were all working towards an event for Nuneaton Christmas Celebrations and we were contributing to an event with a piece of Street Theatre performance which had to be completed by a specific date. The deadline for it to be completed by was the 30th November 2005. The […]

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Smithsonian Institution and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Arts have been an integral part of the society. It has brought color and an immense amount of greatness to a particular civilization. More so, every place or community has its own sets of culture that is filled with all types of masterpieces in the areas of painting, dance, architecture, sculpture, music and many […]

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