Is Introspection a Form of Perception

The origin of the word introspection is the Latin word introspicere, meaning ‘to look within’; but there has been a long history of philosophers debating whether introspection can be correctly treated as parallel to looking. I plan to defend the inner sense observational model of introspection and show how other observational, non-observational and sceptical models […]

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Do We Believe What We Perceive or Do We Perceive What We Believe

“We sense something, perceive it, and then believe it.” This sounds logical, however there’s another idea contrary to this which sounds as logical as this one: “We believe things, pretend to sense it, then we perceive it.” It’s hard to decide which one is more accurate because circumstances are effective. Assume that here is a […]

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Visual illusion

‘Sensation involves registering and forming a code for light, sound, etc. Through natural selection, our sensory systems have been designed to develop these for information about objects and events in our environment. The ability to interpret this information, to extract from it meaningful and useful representations of our world is called perception.1’ Perception involves a […]

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Discuss in relation to sense perception and knowledge in general

Sense Perception is an important concept. The way we interact and perceive the world is through using our five senses: seeing, listening, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. They are our “windows of the world”[2] and are usually held to be the foundation of all our knowledge of the world around us. “Sense perception is the […]

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The bus accident

Through perception people interpret in environment which shapes the behavior, attitude, nature of one’s personality. This interpretation of reality can be different across individuals. It is how the people see the world by the model created by the way they perceive and attribute. The case gives an overview of the bus accident which had occurred […]

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Role of Perception in Conflict

Each individual has different backgrounds and upbringing thus creating dissimilar perceptions on certain situations and to certain people as well. As defined, perception is our sensory experience of the world around us and involves both the recognition of environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli (Wagner). Previous experiences of an individual influence our […]

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Extrasensory perception

Many teenage students believe that ESP exists. ESP stands for extrasensory perception in which people receive information through their other senses. However, ESP does not exist. A person’s perception is just being tricked. Studies have been made that show no proof that an individual has ESP. Scientists find how people’s perception is being tricked scientifically […]

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