Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Definition of the Topic. According to Purcell, the concept of the defined benefit pension plans is referred to as a retirement plan that is sponsored by an employer, according to which the benefits of employees are calculated based on the already established formula, making the use of factors such as the employment duration, as well […]

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(c) 1. Relative to the pension fund the term “funded” refers to the relationship between pension fund assets and the present value of expected future pension benefit payments; thus, the pension fund may be fully funded or under funded. Relative to the employer, the term “funded” refers to the relationship of the contributions made by […]

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Laws on Pensions/Insurance

Insurance companies are widespread in the world. There are many advertisements that tell the benefits of each product say for pensions and accident insurances together with the deals and offers consumers or costumers will be getting as they purchase the insurance. Some insurance may take years to be fully paid and some only takes months […]

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Pension Scheme

Pension refers to the steady amount of money given to an individual after retirement. These payments are made to retired persons or disabled employees in form of assured earnings. Occupational or employer pension is a category of pension created by the employer purposely to benefit the employee. At times, the pensions may be funded by […]

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Pensions help us live with an income as we get older and have retired. “A pension plan is a financial arrangement that allows individuals to continue receiving some type of regular income even after they are no longer active in the workforce. ” (1) Most of the pension options out there are used when you […]

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Saving for the Future

The Lithuanian government has decided to change the way that people save for their pensions once again. It mostly affects people who have already been saving for their pensions as new job market entrants will simply have to follow the rules set up by the government. People will have three choices: 1) they can stick […]

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Airlines and their Pension Liabilities

If we are familiar with various articles and studies regarding the airline industry, it becomes clear in our minds that the US and also the international airline industry has been facing groundbreaking changes within their business environments.

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