The Parliamentary Roller coaster ride: Rise or Fall

Australia, as stated in our constitution, is a representative democracy. The institution of Parliament is vital because it the link between the people and the representatives. Parliament therefore does matter in our political system. The question then, is does it perform its constitutional role effectively? In the Australian political system, Parliament is the author of […]

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Parliamentary Supremacy

As the United Kingdom does not possess a written constitution unlike other states, it has been Parliament that has always been regarded as bearing supreme authority insofar as statutes and laws are concerned. With no written constitution, there is nothing that subsequent statutes can conform itself with save for the exercise of the authority of […]

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The Role of Parliament in English Politics from James I to the Glorious Revolution

The Parliament was historically known to be an ineffective institution whose sole purpose was to rubber-stamp every decision done by the king (Tanner, n. pag. ). However, there were about 22 parliaments and 80 conventions between 1560 and 1603 (Brown, Mann & Tanner, n. pag. ). Meanwhile, there were an estimated 17 parliaments and 15 […]

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Parliament in English Politics under the Reign of King George IV

Called as being the “Mother of all Parliaments”, parliament in the politics of England, also referred to as United Kingdom and Great Britain, is believably the world’s oldest legislative body. It was formed since the time of Henry III in the early 11th century to make the restriction of powers for the England’s monarchical system […]

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Canadian parliament

Canada is a country known for its rich diversity in terms of culture with its citizen embracing diversified cultural, religious, economic and social practices. There also exist a number of races in Canada yet notable is the prevalence of the Caucasoid members of parliament and other government officials in Canada. This may be viewed by […]

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