Unmarried and Single Parent African American Women in the US

According to the US Census Bureau report of the year 2010, the total of American population was 301,237,703 (US Census Bureau, 2010). African Americans account for 12.7 percent of the American population (approximately 30 million people). In the year 2000, African Americans accounted for 14.8 percent of the American population. Many African Americans live in […]

Qualifications of a Parent

There is a wide variety of people in the world today who call themselves parents. A parent is one who cares more about a child than themselves. A parent is loyal and unselfish to their child’s needs and will push to the limit to make sure the child is taken care of properly. A parent […]

A Good Parent

Parents have many characteristics, when they are being defined. Being a good parent overrules them all. A child’s behavior is determined by their home training. Some parents fail to take responsibility for their child and their actions, unlike good parents. Good parents bond with their children, to let the child know they care and are […]

Single Parents with Young Children

Statistics tell us that half all children will live in a household with a single parent. It comes as no surprise that women usually are that single parent. They also are at a great risk for financial, emotional and a host of other problems. One of the major effects of carrying a full load for […]

Single parents and their children

There are varying effects that can be said about the children who have been raised by a single parent. Definitely, the picture for a family where only either a mother or a father stands for the role of both is different from that of the picture of a family where both the mother and father […]

Single Parenting and Problems Associated With It

A single paprent is a parent who raises children without the help of another parent and therefore single parenting could thus be referred to as a state of a parent raising a child alone irrespective of gender. There are various reasons that may lead one to become a single parent and these could be through […]

Does being a single parent affect the children

The concept of single parenting may vary in it definition from a society to another. However, a common definition can be stated as the kind of parenting where the mother or the father takes care of the children, whether adopted or their own, independently of the other parent. Single parenthood may be caused by personal […]

Single Parent Households

Single parenthood rates have increased over the years as more people are living single today. A major factor for these trends is the increased instances of divorce and the changing lifestyles where people choose to become single. Single parenthood in this case becomes a choice rather than a consequence of fate. (Anna J, 2005). Another […]

Single parent household with an emphasis on father as the primary caregiver

Several circumstances in family life changes nowadays, from the traditional kind to independent way of relationship. Despite the upward trend of single-parenthood, the proportion of single-parent families varies from country to country. Single parent type of living having the father as the primary caregiver would be totally different from a conventional mother figure type of […]

A Single Case Design

In the case of Billy and his parents the first order of business will be establishing a rapport with Billy and his parents. It will be important to develop a trust between Billy and myself before moving forward in the sessions. It is vital that Billy feels a sense of trust and bonding between the […]

Parents Are the Best Teachers

Nowadays, many parents try their best to let their children go to the best school and be taught by the best teachers. But what does the word “teacher” mean? Based on the Cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary, teacher is the one whose job is to teach in a school or college. In my point of view, […]

Problem of Single-Parented Households

The day-to-day living experiences of any family depend very much on the availability of internal and external resources. Equally important is the way in which the family utilizes its resources. Resources for a family may exist in the form of people, goods, and services. While there are certain basic minimum needs in these categories, there […]

A Reaction to Sharon Begley’s The Parent Trap

Sharon Begley starts her article “The Parent Trap” by naming several common “nurture assumptions” that most educated people have come to take for granted, such as “reading and talking to children fosters a love of reading,” and “physical abuse makes them aggressive. ” She then introduces Judith Rich Harris in a quick overview of her […]

What do Parents owe their children beyond food, shelter and protection

Parents prepare their children for future, adulthood and to become future citizens of the country. Their role in this is of immense importance. The parents instill the basic values in the child in his or her growing years. The child learns to distinguish the good from the bad, the friend from the foe, and the […]

Parents Awareness of Methamphetamines is the Key in preventing teenager use

Nowadays, parents are so busy with their responsibilities especially in their workplace that sometimes they forget their most important responsibility which is the main responsibility of taking care of their children. The parents are the primary source of influence by their children and, thus, the great impact in the shaping of children’s perception depends on […]

Counseling Case Study

Marjory Winkler lived the several years of her childhood and adolescence in misery born both of circumstances and her own reaction to them. Her single encounter with a counselor allowed her to discover through the counselor’s skillful maneuvering some realities of not only her own life, but that of her mother’s as well. Whether Marjory […]

Cafs – Sole Parents

Raising children can be very difficult and tiring, even if you have a partner and a broad support connection. Unluckily sole parents all around the world have to take on this duty by themselves without any support from a partner. The term ‘sole parent’ is used to define people that raise children on their own. […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand

I used to think my parents could do no wrong. They were telling me all the right things to do in life, simply because they were near perfect. I remember as a kid, hearing the words “I’m disappointed” was worse than any “over the knee” spanking. The purpose in life was to get approval from […]

Tribute Speech Content Outline

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” Jim Valvano. My dad is the best guy in the world. There are two main reasons that I would like to pay tribute to my dad; my dad was there for me when I needed him the most, and […]

Nike Organizational Structure

Since beginning of the human race idea of marriage has been a spiritual bond among a male and a female. But in recent years the as we have become increasingly more liberal as a nation ideas have shifted. Today we live in a society where if it makes you feel good then do it. If […]

Teen Angst

Parents and teenagers have different opinions on a teenager’s life amongst their peers inflicting struggles in their relationship. Evidently, the book the Catcher in the Rye displays this differentiation of desires between a character named Holden and his parents. In the movie 10 things I hate about you Bianca struggles with her dad’s distrust, and […]

Conflicts Between Parents and Children on Career Choice

As a matter of fact, there are a great number of things that parents and their children just cannot go along with each other and one of them is about career choice. We’ve seen so many incessant arguments between parents and children about career choice that it’s somewhat become inevitable. That happens simply because of […]

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