Paradise Lost And Satan

The argument over who is the true protagonist of Paradise Lost, has been brewing for centuries. One would gather that Milton, a Puritan, would have no problem casting God as the hero, and Satan as the antagonist. But looking back in history, Milton saw that most epic heroes had conflicts that prevented them from accomplishing […]

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Paradise Lost

In the poem Paradise Lost, John Milton speaks of Satans rebellion in Heaven and the resulted exile into hell. With his rebel angels, Satan declares all out war on God because he truly believes that it is Better to reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven. Since the poem was written it has been reflected […]

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Satan a seducer (paradise lost

The question, ‘Satan as a seducer?’ is a very different and unique angle to view his character. To some extent, he does play a role as a seducer in certain parts of Books I and II of Milton’s poem, ‘Paradise Lost’. Somehow he manages to make other people believe and furthermore trust in him. Deception […]

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Paradise of Bachelors and Tartarus of Maids

The story is set up in Woedolar Mountain in the mid nineteenth century at a time the world was going through the process of industrialization. Factories were multiplying at a higher rate and the process of economic progression was taking shape in people’s daily activities. Within Mill town, where the story is specifically set, there […]

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Milton’s Paradise Lost

Question 1 Compare Satan to Three Other Kings (Beowulf, King Arthur and King Lear) The main character of Milton’s Paradise Lost is Satan, who seems to differ from the typical epic hero in literature. However, Satan is considered to be a protagonist of the poem, and he possesses all heroic qualities such as nobility, dignity […]

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Decisions in Paradise Part III

The world of business is full of many challenges that face many business organizations. These challenges are complex and vary from one business environment to another. As a result, many organizations are engaged in development of business solutions to address this challenges and bottlenecks facing them. However, the success of these solutions does not lie […]

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Decisions in Paradise

This growing need for Alex’s Organization to establish its business presence in Kava, an island is expected to yield great benefits to the organization. The organization wills benefits from diversification of business, availability of resources at a lower cost, economies of scale and incentives from destination countries. In this regard, the business organization will be […]

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Communing with nature or wilderness

Life in paradise is the most wonderful place to live in the whole universe. It is where all people regardless of color or race would die for just to take a glimpse of its wonders. Humans are characteristically nature-lovers but some become overwhelmed by its power thus putting nature into jeopardy. Exploring nature and discovering […]

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Paradise By Coldplay Song Analysis

The song ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay is very unique and special to me in numerous ways. One of the main reasons I enjoy it so much is because there is so much room for interpretation. Anyone can have a different perspective on what it means to them. The song to me represents the attempts by a […]

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