Panic Disorder

You become terrified for no apparent reason; your heart feels as though it will beat right out of your chest; you sense an overall feeling of doom and you get dizzy. Am I dying, or am I just crazy? If you are crazy, then so are 2.4 million other people in the United States. Panic […]

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The Moral Panic Model

A moral panic refers to a public panic or fear triggered by alarming media over an issue that is believed to be a threat to the sensibilities and peaceful coexistence in the society. Reactive laws and public policies reinforce a moral panic. The moral panic model originated from the above and has had an enormous […]

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Panic attacks

Panic attacks are a frightening thing to experience—especially if you have never had one before. They are often triggered by a small event, such as someone cutting you off in traffic or a stressful telephone call. If you do not know that what you are experiencing is a panic attack, you may mistake it for […]

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Panic Disorder

In the modern world, where an average person goes through various stresses every day, it’s no wonder that from 2,4 to 5% of adult Americans suffer from panic attacks. For most of them panic attacks happen to be the terrible experience, as they come unexpectedly, cause a lot of discomfort and make a person feel […]

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Moral panic and drugs

Moral panic can be defined as a process of arousing intense feelings about an issue by making an awareness of a moral danger that threatens social stability through dissemination of exaggerated fear mainly through the media, in a society. The obstructions to the fear are erected through legislation. The exaggerated fears are created by politicians […]

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