Palestinian Identity

Question 1 With a rationale that aligns with Hobsbawm’s prerequisites for the manifestation of a proto-nationalism, Rashid Khalidi, in his important book Palestinian Identity, locates the Palestinian proto-nationalist identity as the product of many years of growing nationalist sentiment during the final years of Ottoman rule during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He […]

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The power struggle between Palestine and Israel

The push for a democratic society in the Middle East and especially when it comes to the power struggle between Palestine and Israel will not work. This is a simple fact and the reason is because of economic policy. Having a market economy is something that is vital for a democratic society and for globalization. […]

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Based on the statistics, the Palestinians have been clearly at a disadvantaged predicament. The Israelis are far more superior that their counterparts in every aspect. The death toll figures alone are shocking to the senses. In addition, it propounds a question in the mind of reasonable and prudent man how Israel could have received so […]

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Should Palestine Be an Independent Nation

Palestine, or is it Israel? Either way, it is a highly contested land between two major Semitic groups: the Arabs, and the Hebrews. From the late 19th century, and throughout the 20th century it has been the focal point of Arab nationalism and Jewish Zionism. Today, it has become the Jewish state of Israel with […]

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