Ottoman Empire

Turkey, which was by then the Ottoman Empire, came into the war towards the end of October 1914. It had not recovered from its wars, which took place between 1911 and 1913. Its state coffers had been drained as a result of the war. In the meantime, its leader, Enver Pasha, a young military officer […]

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Ottoman succession was ultimately detrimental to Ottoman power

Yes I agree that the peculiar method of Ottoman succession was ultimately detrimental to Ottoman power. I would define the “peculiar method” of succession as the way the sons had to fight over their father’s position of Sultan after he died, rather than the eldest son being the sultan, like the other empires at that […]

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The Rise of the Ottoman Empire

There have been many great empires that have been established throughout world history. Behind every great empire, there is a story that speaks of its emergence. One of world history’s great empires is the Ottoman Empire, which was situated in what is known as present-day Turkey. This is the story behind the rise of the […]

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The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, also historically referred to as the Turkish Empire or Turkey, was a state founded by Turkish tribes under Osman Bey in north-western Anatolia in 1299. With the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmed II in 1453, the Ottoman state was transformed into an empire. During the 16th and 17th centuries, in particular at […]

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The Decline of Ottoman Empire was mainly caused by Internal Factors

The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest and most successful empires of the past that was founded by an Ottoman Turk called Osman. It began in the late 13th century and ended officially on November 1, 1922 when the Ottoman sultanate was abolished and Turkey was declared a republic. The Ottoman Empire reached its […]

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Reading books Is better than watching TV

Religious holidays in Turkey There are two religious holidays or feasts, the first is Seker Bayrami (3 days) which comes immediately after 30 days of fasting in the Ramadan and the second is Kurban Bayrami (4 days) which follows 70 days after Seker Bayrami. In Turkish, Bayram is “feast” or “holiday”, seker is “sweets” and […]

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