Elizabethan Times- Othello

How do the opening scenes and closing scenes of your Shakespearean text reflect the Elizabthan values/ beliefs? The Venetian society in which the Shakespearean play, Othello is set in is a clear representation of the writer’s context. The values, attitudes and beliefs that Shakespeare reveals in the opening and closing scenes of Othello, are the […]

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Othello and King Lear: A comparison

If Shakespeare was alive today it is certain that there would be a lot written about him. We would read reviews of his new plays in newspapers, articles about his poetry in the literary papers, and gossip about his love life and his taste in clothes splashed across the glossy magazines. His views about everything […]

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Othello Essay

The movie Othello is full of very believeable and well developed characters. As it is a tradgedy, thought, we have to have a victim or victims, in this case Othello, and the cause of their misery, which is Iago. Iago manipulates Cassio, Roderigo, Emilia, and Othello, useing a variety of methods. Iagos plots are skillfully […]

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Shakespeare’s Othello

Othello is one of William Shakespeare’s most admired plays from the seventeenth century, 1601-1604. Othello is a heroic character of a competent and courageous soldier of advanced years serving in the Venetian Republic. Shakespeare’s literary work improves with his writing becoming more interesting and intriguing to the audience. This is through his enriched language and […]

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Othello, the Moor of Venice

Othello, The Moor of Venice by Shakespeare is a play that demonstrates the impacts of control and problems arising from it. Themes such as jealousy, betrayal, love and racism are widely brought out in Shakespeare’s play. It is essential to research for adequate evidence to prove that the play is truly a tragedy. Moreover, it’s […]

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Othello: Theme of Jealousy

Jealousy is a controlling emotion. It is a feeling that can annihilate relationships, and devour the concerned individual’s mind. Whether exhibited in a platonic or sexual relationship, once jealousy is insinuated, it can result in distressing outcomes. Jealousy can swiftly turn to fury or rage, after which it overwhelms the victims; making them fanatical about […]

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Othello Paper

In Aristotle’s poetics, tragedy refers to imitation of a serious act that has certain magnitude and is embellished in speech and is accomplished by evoking such emotions as terror and pity. In his poetic works, Aristotle introduces six different elements which he outlines as being components of tragedy. They include plot, diction, spectacle, character, song […]

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Othello by Shakespeare

Desdemona is one of the characters in the play Othello directed by Shakespeare (1601-1604). She is a very beautiful lady who lets her father down after escaping with Othello. She decides to move with her husband to Cyprus after he was allocated there to serve in republic of Venice. During her stay in Cyprus, her […]

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Othello and Desdemona

This paper investigates the literature available in the Shakespeare story of Othello. It analyses the nature of love that existed between Othello and Desdemona. In addition, the paper elucidates the nature of commitment between the two, and decides on who among them was responsible for the commitment. According to the literature available, Desdemona certainly had […]

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Othello’s last speech makes me feel sorry for him because I see him describing the circumstances through which he was deceived. He tells Lodovico that he must speak of a person who loved wisely, too well and “of one not easily jealous, but being wrought/ perplexed in the extreme” (Act 5, Scene 2 of Othello). […]

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