Organizational culture

Organizational Structure Simulation Analysis

Change often engenders perceptions of ambiguity and insecurity, leading to feelings of anxiety and fear. These feelings underlie the numerous cases of resistance encountered in organizations when change is introduced. Most instances of change in an organization have both a technical and a social aspect.”Lewin conceptualized change as a process with three phases:(1) Unfreezing – […]

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Good Corporate Culture

“Corporate culture is the basic specifications which are created, discovered and developed by a specific organization in dealing with their own external adaptation and internal integration issues”. (Baeney, 2006) “It is used as a guide for organization members to feel, think and understand the issues related to cultural identity, including the guiding ideology of corporate, […]

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Nokia Culture

When we speak of corporate culture it is first important that we understand it. It is almost similar to the culture we follow in daily life however it differs in terms of behaviour when it comes to corporate environment. In corporate culture people behave according to the standards set by its management, it is corporate […]

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