Old age

Physical activity after 65 years old

Great rationale can be ascribed to the importance behind physical activity in old people not only on their physical reasons but also the costs allied to physical inactivity. Despite the strong motive of concern in physical inactivity as one acquires his/her old age, the whole scenario is changing to create a strong environment for physical […]

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Are you over the age of 50? Do you experience aches and pains, broken bones, or frequent falls? If you answered yes to any of these questions you could be one of millions of people who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, and injuries from falling. As we all age our bodies just aren’t the same, it’s […]

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Fall Arm Project

According to a health report published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 1 in every 3 people over age of 65 suffer from severe injuries caused by fall (CDC, 2009). This fall risk factor increase with an increase in age due to change in sense of balance, slow reaction time, muscle weakness, etc. […]

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Elderly people should be sent to old folks homes for better care

Some people claim that elderly care should be provided by nursing homes these days. In my opinion, senior citizens are advised to live with their descendants by dint of their needs of emotional support as well as the responsibility of younger family members. To begin with, one reason for the elders to stay with their […]

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Death Penalty among Elder Inmates: Humane or Not

The death penalty issue has grown from coast to coast. Many nations have been involved and many have been drag along to focus on this very important world issue (Anckar, 2004, 2). The campaign has been growing and media has been utilized to save lives of those who are sentenced to death mostly the old-aged […]

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Should the Elderly be Allowed to Drive

In order to be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle a person has to go through a copious amount of tests and training to acquire a license. This person, however, is typically around the age of sixteen when they choose to participant in such events. Does that mean that they will never forget or fail […]

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