The Role of the Police Officer

The purpose of the study was on the role of the police officer in terms of implementing public safety, the research will investigate the effect of public perception on police forces actions and duties on implementation of public safety. Police’s perceptions on their actions and duties when implementing public safety will also be looked at. […]

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My Favorite CIO (Chief Information Officer)

The term ‘CIO’ is an abbreviation for the Chief Information Officer of a given company or enterprise. Usually the CIO is responsible for the information technology and computer systems of that specific company. Mr. Anthony E. Scott is my favorite C.I.O. He is the chief information officer of Microsoft Corporation which is the world’s largest […]

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Chief Security Officer

In a corporation, a chief security officer (CSO) is a top leader responsible for developing, implementing and managing the corporate security vision, programs and strategies. He/she directs the members of staff in identifying, implementing, developing, and maintaining security details in an organization. They respond to incidents, limit the corporate exposure to risks and liabilities in […]

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Reducing Officer Stress and Suicide Rates for Law Enforcement

Statistics show that in 1994, “there were 300 reported police officers who committed suicide compared to 137 documented deaths while performing their duty for that same year and that the police suicide rate was found to be double that of the suicide rate of the general population pegged at 22 out of 100,000 officers” (Turvey, […]

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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

JROTC is a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. It is a program designed to encourage students to become better citizens. With a responsibility on leadership training, and building up skills. The mission of JROTC is to motivate students to be better citizens. a better character, and self-discipline . There are some differences between a regular […]

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment

A goal is whatever an individual is striving to accomplish (Locke, 1996). Every individual has goals they set out to accomplish whether they are aware that they are goals or not. Goals bring motivation to individuals because of the need to accomplish that goal. Goals can bring both negative and positive motivation. In the United […]

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NCO Authority

Today i am going to write a summarization on Chapter 2 of FM 7-22. 7 Duties, Responsibility, And Authority of the NCO. As a noncommissioned officer, it is your responsibility to know what authority you have as a leader, you must know what authority you have and where it comes from. When exercising your authority […]

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Duty, Responsibility, and Authority

Duty: Duty is defined as “Obligatory tasks, conduct, service, or functions that arise from one’s position (as in life or in a group).”- Merriam Webster. To others, it may mean a moral or legal obligation. Such as having a legal duty to obey lawful orders of those appointed over a soldier. According to the Army […]

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