The Language of Obedience and Protest in “The Revolt of “Mother”

In “The Revolt of “Mother”” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, the main female character takes a stand against her husband’s will by moving to the new barn to live in, because it is more comfortable than the house in which the family has lived for forty years. To do that, she had to change her […]

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Obedience to Authority and Moral Conduct

Obedience to authority seems to be an everyday phenomenon. It starts primarily at home with parents as authoritative figures to their children and older siblings to the younger ones. It carries itself out of the household like in school and in the employment world where several levels of authority are in place. However, in a […]

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Stanley Milgram’s Concept of Obedience to Authority

Stanley Milgram’s Obedience to Authority (1974) revealed in the simplest and most understandable manner the flaws of human nature. Milgram demonstrated the very adaptable collection of tendencies of human nature and he showed that those human tendencies that are exceedingly esteemed by society such as discipline, loyalty, and duty would be the most dangerous for […]

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